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5 of the Best English Jumping Saddles

best english saddles

When choosing the right horse saddle for your horse, it’s essential to keep some key points in your mind. No matter what saddle you are purchasing, if it maximizes the rider’s and horse’s comfort, then it’s not a good quality saddle. Furthermore, a properly fitting saddle of any discipline will help in enhancing performance and communication skills.

There are a variety of saddles that are designed especially for different riding disciplines. Every feature will help you handle the horse for the proper riding you are riding the horse for. Also, it will require skills to use a horse for various disciplines.

English Jumping Saddles –

Most English saddles are designed with features that promote safety and comfort. However, here we will discuss English jumping saddles that feature a lot of technicality in the stirrup and other varying degrees of rotation.

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They often come along with padded knee rolls, and that makes the showjumping a bit more comfy. In addition, the sitting is more comfortable, and the pommel and cantle are at a low height for assistance and jumping position. Likewise, there are two categories of English jumping saddles: eventing saddles and close-contact saddles. You may choose the best one depending upon your requirement.

Close-Contact Saddle –

It is a sub-category of jumping saddles that’s there to discourage the load that may fall on the saddle during jumping rides. A close-contact jumping saddle will allow the rider to stay in close contact with the horse. The seat of the saddle is flat so that while jumping, the rider does not sit deeply as it’s going to push it against the force.

In a close-contact saddle, you get smaller knee and thigh blocks that come along with a forward flap. Accordingly, the rider will have a shorter ride that will be more comforting during the jumps. In short, a close contact jumping saddle is most commonly preferable by – hunters, hurdles races and other equitation.

Eventing Saddle –

The eventing saddle or all-purpose saddle comes with a deeper seating area. They tend to have a straight flap on each side with a more extensive knee seating area and thigh blocks. More so, they cover more area on the horse’s back in comparison with a close-contact saddle.

The reason for maintaining an eventing saddle is to allow the rider to have a secure space during all classes of riding discipline. If you are unsure about what saddle to use, you may buy an eventing saddle initially. Likewise, you can look through the numerous variables that are popular for use.

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Here is the list of top 5 jumping saddles that we may recommend –

1. Wintec 500 Close Contact Saddle – These are good in proving excellent comfort and grip to the rider and come in a high-quality leather design. When you are in such comfort, it’s easy to jump over any hurdle using the correct posture while sitting on the horse. Also, the saddle comes along with adjustable blocks, a flexible tree, and other parts. More so, you can personalize the saddle in various forms.

Wintec 500 Close Contact Saddle

2. HDR Memor-X Close Contact Saddle – It’s a budget-friendly English jumping saddle favorite among so many users. Likewise, the saddle has a slightly deeper seat that goes low. Thus, it provides a proper posture and comfort in accordance with the rider. In addition, it has a forward flap that’s suitable for most riders for their convenience.

HDR Memor-X Close Contact Saddle

3. Pessoa Pro Legacy Monoflap II Saddle – It is a beautifully designed saddle that’s finishing is so clean that it’s a favorite among most users. Though the saddle price is a bit higher than others, you can always keep an eye on this one and purchase it as the prices go low. Moreover, it’s a highly comforting saddle that provides support and lets you sit in a natural position.

Pessoa Pro Legacy Monoflap II Saddle

4. Royal Highness Merida Close Contact Saddle – The quality of this saddle is super soft and gives a close grip to the rider to hold back at the horse’s back. Most probably, it is one of the most favorite saddles that features a fantastic gullet system that’s quite phenomenal. More so, it will last for the longest time and looks incredible throughout.

Royal Highness Merida Close Contact Saddle

5. Bates Caprili Classic Close Contact Saddle – The usefulness of the saddle is to give a precision performance in the technical department. In addition, it is favorably designed to maximize the free movement of your horse and its comfort. Furthermore, you and your horse will enjoy a comfortable saddle fit with complete weight distribution.

Bates Caprili Classic Close Contact Saddle

Are you not able to choose between close contact and eventing saddles?

If there is any trouble or doubt while choosing which class of jumping saddle you should go for! Don’t worry; we are here to inform you the same.
In most cases, the choice of selecting the right saddle depends upon how you plan to ride your horse. Likewise, you will pick your saddle depending upon the purpose of its use and how long you want to continue using it. Furthermore, once you make up your mind, you can feasibly understand the right jumping saddle you need to purchase.

Final Thoughts –

You need to look for several points before picking up the best English jumping saddle. Along with the proper fit, it’s essential to find a comfortable saddle that encourages good body posture. In accordance, the design and customer reviews will help you find the best saddle for your horse.
Though the price of these saddles may be a bit higher than your budget, they will be in good condition for a long time. However, if you are into the budget-friendly and classic-looking saddle, make sure you check the products available on our website. Henceforth, you can buy saddles online without any inconvenience using our platform.

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