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About Us

Horses Saddle brings a wide range of riding apparel, saddles, bridles, equestrian wear, and other tack developed by experienced riders for our riders. With extensive years of experience in equestrian expertise in the industry, our product development team at Horses Saddle can deliver the best product and experience for you and your horse. Whether it’s for your local circuit lessons or an international-level competition, you can always count on us for a complete selection of products and outfits for you and your horse in a classic and comfortable style. Each of our products comes with a full guarantee, and we are proud to offer you that experience.

Right products at the Right Price

With people not able to receive reliable and highly functional products in the marketplace, our teams at Horses Saddle develop their flagship products by working closely with world-renowned competitive riders. This is how we have evolved from a small shop to a full-fledged online platform for selling high-end riding apparel, outwear, and a complete tack collection for riders of all levels and disciplines.

Our Design

Our professional riders developed and designed all products in compliance with strict quality control guidelines, field-tested, and refined further to achieve 100 percent perfection in all aspects.

Our Pillar of Success

We are powered by our high-end operations and the love of our community and the brands we serve. The pillars of our success lie in our motto, which is diversity, sustainability, inclusion, community, and supply chain. We continuously strive to create innovation and learn from our customers and employee feedback as a company.

  • Diversity and Inclusion:

We are committed to making a substantial and everlasting impact on fighting inequality. We are proud of our progress yet feel a lot more can be done, and we are determined to implement our diversity and inclusivity policies to make this place even better.

  • Sustainability:

We understand the value of sustainability in the overtly competitive marketplace and ensure a better future for our business. We are deeply committed to conducting our part while protecting our natural resources and paving the way for our future generations.

  • Supply Chain

At Horses Saddle, we have acquired partnerships with top-level suppliers and vendors who shared our high ethical practices and commitments that include social responsibility, workers’ safety, and fair labor practices across our supply chain.

  • Community

We never cease to challenge ourselves to make a positive difference in our communities, including giving respect and value to our employees, customers, partners, and vendors worldwide.

We are a family

We consider ourselves a family of brands and businesses, allowing and empowering customers around the globe to express their demands and interests as well as choose a sustainable lifestyle. We believe the key to sustainable and profitable growth is creating and delivering values to its associated people and society in general. At Horses Saddle, we ensure we remain committed to delivering our customer offering and creating a wonderful experience.

In our platform, you are not a customer but a close family member. We treat each and every member of our community like we treat our loved ones and strive hard to deliver their requirements and address their grievances in the best way possible.

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