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Are Western Saddles More Comfortable for the Horses?

Western Saddles

Most horse riders get this thought – are English saddles better or Western ones? It’s obvious to say that when you haven’t tried any of them, it’s not easy to tell the difference. At first, you have to be sure if it applies to your saddle requirement or not.

Many people need clarification about the benefits of using a Western saddle. Here, we will provide you with some useful information that lets you understand how Western saddles are comfortable. In addition, also make sure that you want a leather or synthetic material saddle.

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If you are relying on the quality of material for comfort, know that using a Western leather saddle is a better choice. To say the least, you can also decide the horse’s comfort by making it wear the saddle for a few hours.

How do Western Saddles provide better comfort?

There are various shapes, styles, sizes, and designs of a Western saddle. In order to know what your horse desire, you have to select the saddle as per their feasibility. Moreover, the length of the saddle also depends upon the horse’s size.

Some horses feel more comfortable in a short saddle, while others may require a long one. So, it’s better to decide on the right saddle after checking its comfort on the horse’s back. Also, you can confirm it by how the horse reacts if the withers fall too much around its back.

Points to consider for the saddle’s comfort of the horse –

  • If you are going for a rough ride, the lack of a comfortable saddle will cause bruises and sores on the horse’s back.
  • Using a properly fitting and comfortably padded saddle will not cause any irritation to the horse.
  • You must use a smooth, soft leather saddle that does not impact the horse’s back in any manner.

If you can look closely enough, you’ll know that a Western saddle comes with contoured seats. Henceforth, it allows the rider to sit in close contact with the horse and enhance the riding experience. Thus, the design of a Western saddle directly relates to providing a better grip to the rider and the horse. More so, it’s beneficial for safety during the ride at high speed.

Horse Riding with Western Saddle

The design of a Western saddle is as such that it provides high comfort to the rider and the horse. Most Western saddles have a deep seat, high pommel, and cantle that enables the rider to stay in a straight position. The most popular use of the Western saddle is by cowboys who require more support for longer rides.

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The stirrups of a Western saddle are long enough for proper leg support to the rider. In general terms, a Western saddle is much heavier than an English saddle. However, it helps to equally distribute the rider’s weight on the horse’s back. Thus, the horse will not feel the pressure at one location, but it will be equal on all sides.

Does Western Saddle cause pain to the horse?

If you are not applying the proper horse riding technique, you can hurt your horse without even knowing. Likely, it doesn’t matter if you are using a Western or English saddle if you lack knowledge of usage. An improper fitting or riding style will always be dangerous for both the rider and the horse.

If you are still using the saddle to train your horse, raise the height. Also, using a saddle pad underneath will provide extra comfort to the horse during the ride. Likewise, in order to make the ride more comfortable, you have to read the following points –

  • Make sure the saddle blanket that you are using is clean. Hence, it will not cause an irritation that will be infectious to the horse.
  • If the saddle is not properly fitted on the horse, it may cause pain and rashes to the animal. In short, the horse starts acting differently whenever you are preparing it for the ride.
  • In case there is any such case, you must fix it immediately, or you’ll face issues from the horse’s end.

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Not only will an ill-fitted saddle be painful for the horse, but it will also cause them to lose pigment. Furthermore, your horse’s health will start to degrade, which will eventually make them fall ill.


There are always some advantages and disadvantages of using a Western saddle. If it might concern you, know that leather Western saddles are preferably comfortable for the horse in comparison with any other. Thus, you can also refer to our website:, and have a look at the amazing quality saddles. To say the least, they are all available at an affordable price and with genuine quality.

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