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Is Baucher Bit high in demand for horses?

Baucher bit

There is no shortage in the variety of snaffles that you can purchase for your horses. The one that has been the highest in demand is the Baucher Bit. More so, it applies more leverage than any other snaffle, yet some horses feel quiet with its use.

Though some horses love the use of a Baucher bit while others can’t stand the use, according to the critics – the use of a Baucher bit is harsh for the animal as it can be critical. However, it depends upon the rider’s skills as to how they are handling the reins.

What are the benefits of using a Baucher Bit?

The Baucher bit has some special reference for its “hanging cheek piece” that goes upward from the mouth to the cheekpiece. It also has a metal bar extending through the bit ring and attaching to the cheekpiece. It further extends to the reins and allows the rider to have better command over the horse.

Before we inform you about the benefits of using the Baucher bit, you need to learn a few more things. Previously, people have the thinking that this part of the snaffle was there to cause poll pressure. However, with time, people got to know that it basically provides an easy pull and does not cause irritation.

Baucher bit

The Baucher Bit provides some excellent support to the cheek piece that adds to the rider’s riding skills. Furthermore, here are some of the brilliant works that such a small part provides in horse riding.

  • It relieves the forces that travel through the cheekpiece and further helps pull the horse. The actual pressure is applied to the metal piece inside the horse’s mouth.
  • The Bit has a small amount of weight that puts pressure on the cheek piece and further to the poll.
  • With the help of the metal piece that’s structured to provide flexibility, your horse will not suffer through any friction inside the mouth.
  • The use of Baucher helps in reducing the forces that act upon the bridle. It further benefits reducing the pressure that acts upon the upper and lower jaw.

More so, the use of such Bit is highly influential for sensitive horses in their mouth area. Further, it provides great support and does not let the horse go out of control with the right pleasurable skills.

Brief History of Baucher bits:

The orientation of Baucher bits dates back to the time of Francios Baucher in 1796 to 1873. He was one of the most controversial masters in the French classical school of dressage. Though his remarks were a bit harsh, he was the one who lay emphasis on the process of making bit pieces for the horse’s mouth. The methods basically include – compression of the horse’s body, obedience, and front-end alignment.

The techniques in practice at that time were not so friendly with the horse. In a similar incident, he got permanently disabled and chose to be more practical in other references. Even today, some people do not abide by the techniques of applying the Baucher bit to a horse. However, with modifications, the masters are learning to make more convenient pieces for the horse.


Just like any other bit, the use of Baucher depends upon the rider’s skills. Similarly, you can avoid or take it into confidence while learning more about applying pressure. Furthermore, you may decide to use the Bit along with the correct mouthpiece and reins. You can also choose to buy harnesses or other horse equipment from our site. If you have any such need, know that you can talk to us directly without hesitation. More so, look at other products and select the best one per your requirement.

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