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Best Horse Bridles by Use

Best Horse Bridles

Many horse riders are unfamiliar with the quality and types of bridles they may purchase. Even if they know, it can be quite difficult to search from numerous options. To say the least, you require some help to manage the task without stressing about the right choice!

Do you want a horse bridle that’s suitable for the horse? Well, it’s likely to say that none of us are willing to keep searching through abundance. All that’s necessary is to find that perfect bridle that’s functional as per the riding discipline.

Bridle Style & Sizing

Basically, every horse bridle comes with a unique style and design. However, some people tend to miss out on the most important part, which is the accurate sizing of the bridle for their horse. Likewise, it will help in fitting the bridle according to the horse’s face.

Here are some steps that you can follow to measure the correct size of the bridle –

  • First, make sure you take the right measurements of the crownpiece. It typically goes from one corner of the horse’s head to the other corner.
  • Secondly, you need to measure the accuracy of the browband. It goes at the back of one ear, then to the forehead, and again at the back of the other ear.
  • Now, it’s time for you to measure the noseband that sits just inches below the horse’s cheekbones. In addition, you also have to measure around the nose where the parts will assemble properly.
  • Lastly, you have to measure the throatlatch, which is the most essential part of the whole bridle.

For the well-being of the horse and its proper riding technique, it’s essential to correct the measuring pattern. Likewise, you can mix and match the different parts and choose the most suitable one.

Bridle Style and its Usage

The style of a bridle varies depending on what type of saddle you are using. Some people end up choosing a bridle that doesn’t go along with their style of the saddle, which can be disturbing. Furthermore, you can also prefer to buy a saddle and bridle at the same time to avoid the mix-matching tools.

Let’s say that you want to buy a dressage saddle. Usually, the most common color of such bridles is black. Similarly, it will look more synchronized if you buy a bridle of the same color as the saddle. In addition, you can add a little spark by choosing a different style of browband for the horse.

Best Horse Bridles by Use

There are various options that you can choose from while looking for the correct bridle for your horse. Here, we’ll inform you about some of the most prominent horse bridles that are popular in the US. They are as follows –

1. English Bridle:

Among so many English bridles, the most common one is the snaffle bridle. They are used for eventing, jumping, and other forms of horse riding activities. In addition, it’s better to buy the bridle along with the saddle as it’s usually available in black color.


  • Padded browband & noseband
  • Attractive stitching & design
  • Marked at an affordable price

2. Double Bridle:

The other name for double bridle is the Weymouth bridle. It is mostly helpful for upper levels of dressage events.


  • For advanced dressage
  • Decorative browband
  • Proper comfort for the horse
  • Highly adjustable

3. Western Bridle:

Now, a Western bridle is there to provide design and diversity. In this category, you can find bridles with or without browbands. Moreover, they are very eye-catching for the person.


  • Simple to fasten-up
  • Fits any horse
  • Elegant design

4. Bitless Bridle:

As the name suggests, there is no use of bit while using a bitless bridle. More so, you may choose from many types of bridle available. Usually, this bridle is favorable for those horses who have behavioral challenges.


  • Fairly adjustable
  • Leather is soft
  • Available for all types of horses

How to Choose the Right Bridle?

If you are considering buying a bridle for sport, there are certain adjustments that you need to make afterward. Also, optimizing the bridle both for comfort and functionality will be more likable by any horse. Likewise, you can purchase the bit later as they do not come along with the bridle.

Now, you also have to be sure if you are buying an English-style or a Western-style bridle. It is so because there can be certain parts that must be missing from one of the others. Henceforth, you can assemble all the parts defining the proper correct manner of using the bridle.

As you are ready to buy a bridle online, know that you can also purchase it from our website. We have a large collection of horse bridles, harnesses, and other horse-riding equipment. In addition, all that is available at an affordable price.

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