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Best Vegan Synthetic Saddles for Horse Riding

Vegan Synthetic Saddles

The most common and popular material for the manufacturing of horse saddles is leather. It has been in production for decades, yet there’s no other material that can replace the same. However, several people find an issue with the use of leather for saddle design. Thus, with the latest updates and use of technology, several vegan synthetic saddles are becoming popular among buyers.

Apart from the issue of the use of leather, riders these days prefer synthetic and vegan saddles for various reasons. In simple words, synthetic and vegan saddles are lightweight and do not require much care as leather goods. Likewise, they are often cheaper in price and a good alternative for leather saddles.

Henceforth, before we guide you through the variety of synthetic saddles, make up your mind about the type of saddle you require. More so, they can be durable and stylish at the same time.

Here are some of the Best Synthetic and Vegan Saddles one may choose from –

1. Kincade Synthetic – All Purpose Saddle

Kincade Synthetic saddle

At first, you make your saddle and think it’s made of leather. However, that’s not the case with this one. It is a good quality synthetic saddle classified as an English saddle. More so, the saddle will be convenient for beginners, and the price is also reasonable as per the quality and genuineness of the product. In addition, the plus points of the saddle will be –

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fit for all kinds of horses
  • Good at a price for beginners

2. Acerugs Pleasure Western Saddle

Acerugs Pleasure Western Saddle

This is a beautiful western saddle that’s great for showing or trail riding. Also, it’s an excellent option for beginners who can buy it at an affordable price. More so, it has the following features –

  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect for showing and trail riding
  • Available in different colors with matching accessories

3. Wintec Hart Dressage Saddle

King Series – Krypton Saddle

It is a highly maintained and excellent quality synthetic saddle that’s beautiful in design. The best thing about this saddle is that it is suitable for showing even with the most professional riders. The saddle seat gives a firm grip and comes with protective cushioning. Furthermore, the following features of the saddles make them more likable –

  • Comfortable with deep designed seats
  • Lightweight and high-performance
  • Suitable for showing and training
  • It fits the horse for best performance

4. King Series – Krypton Saddle

King Series – Krypton Saddle

It is a good option for versatile riding disciplines. Likewise, it is a practical choice for many as its scratch-resistant and easy to care for. In addition, the fiberglass tree allows the saddle to stay flexible and fit for any horse. More so, the following features make it a good option for purchase –

  • Scratch-proof material
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • It comes in five different colors
  • Suitable for different trail riding

What’s the necessity of buying Vegan or Synthetic Saddle?

The synthetic and vegan saddles are plant-based and are eco-friendly for the environment. They are also available in English and Western saddle styles that the rider may choose as per their discipline. They are commonly made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or other similar substances. Also, some include plastic, which is way more convenient for long-lasting saddles.

Though there’s no requirement to focus only on these kinds of materials, it depends on the rider’s choice. Likewise, some synthetic saddles are the byproduct of faux leather that usually acquires natural materials.

Final Thoughts:

The list of vegan and synthetic saddles discussed above is not for any promotional scheme. It is merely basic information, and one may only look at it as a desirable peace of data. Also, if anyone wants to buy quality saddles of synthetic or leather material, then they can surf through our products. Alongside, you can buy saddles online that are high-quality with a minimum price range as well.

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