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Buying an Australian Saddle: Comfortable for Horses & Riders

Australian Saddle

There are many different types of horse saddles that one can buy depending upon their riding approach. We all must be familiar with the terms “English saddle” and Western Saddle. But do we have the knowledge that there are many other categories of saddles available as well?

Likewise, Australian saddles are becoming a common term for horseback riders as they are becoming a convenient option. In short, people are attracted to the benefits of an Australian saddle as they are classic in design but also fulfils all your requirements.

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Here we will inform you more about Australian Saddle and how they’ll be useful to the riders. Also, remember that it is for information purposes, and you can choose your horse saddle after confirming with the expert.

What’s unique about Australian Saddles?

Firstly, understand that just like Western saddles and English saddles, Australian saddles are not only popular in their own location. As there’s a high demand for Western saddles throughout the World, English saddles are also quite popular in the USA and surrounding areas. Similarly, people are using Australian saddles according to their need for riding discipline.

Features of Australian Saddle:

  • Highly comfortable with a secure seating area
  • Convenient for longer routes and trail riding
  • Comes with: a deep seat, high pommel and big knee rolls
  • Allow the rider’s leg to be in a natural position
  • Offer high stability for rough routes

These are some of the prime features of an Australian saddle that may bring in the most convenience. If you are willing to buy the best Saddle, it’s better to choose one that’s suitable for your requirement. Likewise, look if the Saddle will be convenient for your riding discipline, as there are several options.

How is Australian Saddle a good choice?

Most commonly, an Australian saddle is often referred to as a stock saddle as they have the key features of Western saddles. In other words, Australian Saddles have the best qualities of both English and Western saddles. Likewise, using an Australian saddle will be more convenient for long riding hours.

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Without a doubt, you can choose Australian Saddle for the following options –

  • Endurance riding
  • Cattle work
  • Trail riding

In addition, some professional riders prefer to choose Australian Saddle as it’s an excellent option for training young horses. As stated above, the most amazing feature of this kind of saddle is to provide high comfort and stability during the ride.

Why should you buy an Australian saddle?

The first and foremost thing about saddles is that they come in a variety of options. So, before you make up a final decision, be more sure about the best Saddle for your horse. There are many who come up with the question, “why should I buy an Australian saddle?” And the simplest answer will that “you should try and then decide.”

There are numerous options when it comes to deciding on a saddle for a particular riding discipline. Even if you are looking for an all-purpose saddle, some great products are available.

Here are a few points that you can consider –

  • If you are into jumping, you choose a jumping saddle. Similarly, if you are practising for an event, you’ll go to a well class in English Saddle.
  • While being a horse rider, you do not put yourself into a category that only these saddles will be convenient for you.
  • Using an Australian saddle will provide you with better comfort, support and a proper position to sit on the horse’s back.

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So, by choosing an Australian Saddle, you are not putting yourself into any category. Thus, you can buy the one that’s more fulfilling per your riding discipline.

Do Australian saddles have trees underneath?

Yes. A treeless saddle will have the term identified at the beginning of the product name. Likewise, an Australian saddle will too have a tree underneath that works as a frame for support and structure. Overall, any saddle tree will help determine the comfort and support the Saddle will provide during the ride.

While looking at the structure of an Australian saddle is more influenced by the English saddles. Also they may also have certain parts made up of steel that is suspended to give proper support at their back. In addition, more types of materials can be used in place of a wooden tree for the Saddle.


It won’t be wrong to suggest that Australian Saddle has more of the benefitting side of two different categories – English & Western. That’s how they are able to provide such good comfort, safety and support to the rider and the horse. If you want to buy Saddle online, you can consider this a great option. Alongside, there are plenty of other options available on for better cost and quality.

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