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Can it be Dangerous to Ride a Horse? 5 Tips for Safe Horse Riding

Ride a Horse

Many a time, you must have heard people complaining about their collar bones or ribs and shoulder being broken while horseback riding. Well, it mainly happens when the rider does not take caution while riding the horse. Thus, to avoid horseback riding injuries, it’s a must to stay on the safe side and follow the general norms.

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So, is Riding a horse dangerous?

Yes, it can be quite dangerous to ride a horse, even when you are an expert in such an activity. These animals are large, heavy in weight and can show unpredictable behaviour. Hence, the rider must take precautions and follow safety tips to be safe during horseback riding.

It won’t be wrong to say that horse riding involves many health risks that can cause injuries. However, it’s less likely to determine if horse riding is more dangerous than riding motorcycles, cars, or others.

It’s less likely to say that every other person riding a horse may suffer severe injuries. Multiple horse owners perform horseback riding activities more couple of times a week. Yet, they do not go through any injury to themselves or the horse.

Risks of Horseback Riding Activity

It’s obvious to say that horseback riding requires a lot of strength and attentiveness throughout. Riding a horse means you have to handle the movement of an approximately 700lb weighing animal. Thus, you have to be cautious, as the movements of an animal can be unpredictable.

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Sometimes, even the best horse riders may feel inexperienced when facing a horse with temper issues. Likewise, you may come across well-trained horses, and they may spook you out for no reason. Thus, you always have to be careful while riding the horse as it’s certain to be thrown out in the first few attempts.

Most common Injuries of Horseback Riding

Needless to say, horseback riding can be a fun sport and may help in cattle ranching and other activities. But, at the same time, it can be extremely dangerous to ride a horse without following the safety guidelines. Thus, it may result in serious injuries when you ride a horse for any useful purpose or as a sport!

The most severe injuries from horseback riding can cover all from broken bones of different body parts. That’s why you must always have a supervisor to assist you if you are new to horse riding. Here is the list of injuries that may occur due to the dangers of horseback riding –

  • Shoulder injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Blackout/Concussions
  • Fractured Skull
  • Broken legs or arms

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It’s never recommended to go horseback riding without taking consideration from an expert. While on the field, always have someone by your side to assist you with getting on and off the animal. To say the least, the most severe injury happens to occur when the horse throws the rider out due to discomfort. In such cases, there are increased chances of fractures, bruises and other problems.

Reducing Risk of Injury: Tips for Safe Horse Riding

Now, it must have been clear to you that horseback riding may not be that “fun” regarding injuries. But, while being safe, you can absolutely practice horse riding without any fear. Follow these simple tips to keep yourself protected during horseback riding activities –

    • Always wear a helmet:

Without even considering wearing safety gear, it will not be possible to keep yourself safe from horseback riding injuries. Therefore, the most important element you must wear during the ride is a helmet. It is mainly because head/skull injuries are quite common during a horse ride.

  • Take lessons first and then ride:

When you know the basics of horse riding, it will become easier to ride the horse. Similarly, taking lessons from a professional will keep you on the right track and help you avoid accidental falls. If you are a beginner, you must not run the horse without an expert’s supervision.

  • Check for the fitting of the saddle:

As much as it’s important to carry horse riding equipment and tools, it’s equally essential to have them properly fit. Thus, it’s crucial to have a horse saddle with the proper fitting for both you and the horse.

  • Wear the proper attire for horse riding:

As much as it’s pretty appealing to wear the proper attire for horse riding, some people avoid it and go casual. But, the importance of wearing fitting attire will prevent any interference during the ride. For example, if you are wearing flared pants, they may get stuck into the stirrups and may cause you to fall from the horse.

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  • Ride a horse that’s feasible for the routine:

Let’s say you are a professional horseback rider, so it’s common for you to try different types of horses. Many of them may be well-trained and genuinely quiet, while others can be aggressive in behaviour. But, not every horse rider will be able to handle a horse with temper issues. Thus, you must choose the horse depending on your horse riding basics.


Through the above-given article, it must have become clear riding a horse can be dangerous. But, if you follow the proper techniques, you may suitably ride a horse without any issues. More so, it’s essential to carry safety gear or horse tack equipment for a safer ride.

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