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Category: Saddle

English and Western Saddle

English vs western saddle

As we know, a saddle is the foremost important part that is necessarily used in horse riding. Similarly, there are mainly two types of saddles that are popularly known for their different styles of riding and support. They are – English Saddles and Western Saddles. Now, here comes the point of which one you should …

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Gaited Horse Saddle

Gaited Horse Saddle

What is meant by gaited horse? In the world of horses, it is pretty rare to find gaited horses that are for real. Roughly there are about 350 breeds of horses, and among them, only 30 are naturally gaited. While other horses are equally measured in all respects, a gaited one is often preferable by …

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saddle and strength

Horse Saddle and Strength

Introduction: Saddle & Strength The work of a saddle is to enhance the rider’s comfort level and make the animal feel safe around you. There are many more aspects to settling on a saddle as it requires a significant amount of strength. More so, the rider needs to follow the journey of fitness and learn …

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