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How to choose the right saddle for your horse?

choose right saddle for your horse

Almost everybody knows that horseback riding is a fun activity. However, most of them don’t know that you need a few basic types of equipment to avoid hurting your horse and yourself. The most prior equipment you’ll need will be a horse saddle for you to sit on the horse’s back. More so, there are various brands that are selling saddles at great prices, and you can purchase them respectively.

The saddles that you buy from an online website are somewhat visible in pictures and not in physical form. Likewise, many buyers find it challenging to select the right one for their horse. There are so many things to look upon before picking the absolute best and most affordable price. Furthermore, here we will help our customers know how to pick the right saddle for their horse!

Right Saddle for Your Horse

Key Points to Remember While Selecting the Saddle –

1. Purchase the saddle with the correct seat size!

The size of the saddle should perfectly fit the horse’s back and the Rider’s comfort. It further means that you need to select the correct size according to the length and width of your horse’s body.

Most people prefer to choose saddles with an average of 17 or 18 inches. Also, there are different ways to determine the right side of the saddle for your horse. Moreover, the easiest way to select the perfect size is by measuring the area yourself and then confirming it with the seller.

2. To have a better experience, choose the right tree size as well!

Before checking for the saddle size, it’s always recommended to check the tree size that’s the saddle’s base. In order to equate the size of the saddle along with the tree size, you need to take the correct measurements.

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During the fitness process, you need to place both the parts in a synchronizing order to not fall out of place. In addition, if there’s any discomfort, you can make it up with the correct fitting of tree size.

3. Ensure your Saddle stays in the centre:

As your horse is calm standing on the plain ground, you can try to place the Saddle on its back. Learn that if you are doing it without a saddle pad, then you may require to see if there’s enough space for the horse’s comfort. Now, move back and see if the Saddle is right in the middle of the horse’s back. If not, you can slide it to make it place in the correct position.

4. Style of Saddle:

Once you are sure of the measurements of saddle seats and saddle trees, you can now move on further with the preferable saddle style. Therefore, you need to choose the right saddle style according to your horse. They include –

  • Dressage Saddle – If you are planning to compete in an event or horse racing activity, then a dressage saddle will be the perfect fit. More so, they are mainly designed to perform vigorous activities. In addition, these kinds of saddles work best in keeping the Rider’s posture at the correct angle.
  • General Purpose Saddle – A general purpose saddle is preferable for riders who work on flat grounds, schooling or training the horse. The primary difference between a GP saddle with other saddles is that they come with deeper seats and short flaps. More so, it provides a better balance and coordination in connection with flexible movements.
  • Jump Saddle – These types of saddles come with a flat seat surface that allows the Rider to stay in close contact with the animal. In addition, they are design to keep in mind the Rider’s comfort level while jumping and doing different activities.

4. Choose the Right Saddle for the Rider as well:

Though many people do not keep this as their prime aim, choosing a saddle that fits the Rider well is the best option. Also, it is known for people at ground levels and more inclined towards the proper horse riding technique.

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There are several ways for you to check if the saddle fits you accordingly or not. More so, people with the wrong saddle experienced the following issues –

  • Back pain
  • Knees going over the flap
  • Fiddling with top of the boot
  • Struggling with your seating position

What if the Saddle is not the right fit?

First and foremost, a wrongly fitted saddle may also be alarming for the rider and the horse. There can be certain factors that may affect the proper fit of the Saddle. They can be as follows –

  • Going for intensive training
  • Change in horse’s weight
  • The rider’s position is not right
  • Carrying too many aids while riding

Alongside, using the Saddle in a proper condition will always provide support, safety and comfort. Likewise, it will work both for the rider and the horse as well. You will always feel confident during the ride if you want to confirm that your Saddle is fitted properly. More so, your horse will also move freely without any fiddling of any kind.

Common symptoms of an ill-fitted saddle include –

  • The Saddle is not balanced on each side
  • Cantle are not in the right place
  • Irregular curvature
  • The horse misbehaves and scared

There are certain conditions in which your Saddle will fit the horse correctly and the rider as well. It’s essential to keep in mind that while dealing with the issue of an ill-fitting Saddle, you must not harm the animal in the process. Some riders try and place a saddle that’s not even on the right side of the horse. More so, it will trouble the animal and certainly will cause disturbance in riding.

Enjoy the Ride!

When you are opting to buy a saddle online, we also deliver some kind of assistance for you to choose the right saddle. Our executive might ask a few questions related to your horse and choice preference to know more about the product. Thus, feel free to buy a saddle from our website at an affordable price and the best quality.

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