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Choosing the Browband for your Horse


In general terms, you’ll need a browband for your horse’s bridle as it’s one of the essential parts of the horse riding equipment. You must know how a bridle functions. Similarly, a browband keeps the horse bridle in place so that it does not slide back and forth.

Importance of Browband & It’s Use

In order to choose the perfect browband for your horse, make sure you know the purpose of its use. Most commonly, people who prefer to select their horse’s browband separately are the ones who are using it for show horses. However, it can be tough to stand out in a crowd with less knowledge.

There can be many options, like – satin, velvet, bling, or pattern with colors. Though most of the browbands are available in leather, if you want, you can also look for other materials.

How to choose the browband?

If you are looking to buy browbands online, there are certain things that you have to look through. Although it’s pretty easy to purchase browbands, a little guidance will help you. Here are some steps that you can follow –

1. Measure the width and size of the horse’s Browband

There are many show horses that are using browbands that are not comfortably fitting their head. Furthermore, they look really bad and also do not fits so well. More so, they can also create tension in muscles and make the horse feel uncomfortable.

It’s essential to confirm that your horse is comfortable with the browband else it will look awkward on the ear. Also, multiple widths of browband are available, and you get the one that fits perfectly.

2. Choose the type of horse Browband.

As we know, there are various categories of a browband, and you can purchase the one that suits your requirement. Likewise, different options are available such as – the ones that bling. You can also go as per your preference and try a few options.

Most of the horses wear leather equipment and bridle. More so, buying a leather browband with a bit of detailing will be classy. However, if you have other preferences, you may go with that too.

3. Pattern to Choose

There are so many patterns available for designing your browband. Make sure the space on the horse’s head is right in accordance with the browband. Also, while choosing the one that’s most reliable, you must check its color availability.
If you are choosing a plane browband, it will fit suit your small and intricate pattern. Also, it would look pretty if you want to go for a mono-design browband that matches your bridle color.

4. Confirm the Color

Now, selecting the color of your browband should go as per your bridle. Even if you are not choosing the same color, then make sure at least it goes in contrast or something. If you have a sense of fashion, then you can mix and match the parts with white, blue, or any other color of your choice.


As you choose a browband for your horse, know that it’s a fun part to own for your horse. Furthermore, you can create your own browband with a few customizations if you want. Hence, choosing the right product can place an order on our website. We would request you take time to decide what you are looking for in your horse’s browband!

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