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English vs western saddle

English and Western Saddle

As we know, a saddle is the foremost important part that is necessarily used in horse riding. Similarly, there are mainly two types of saddles that are popularly known for their different styles of riding and support. They are – English Saddles and Western Saddles.

Now, here comes the point of which one you should buy according to your need. More so, we’ll help you out in knowing the best pattern of horse saddle that you can buy as per your requirement. Let us begin with the comparison of Western saddles vs. English saddles in the article below.

Western Saddle Design

The look of a Western saddle is quite dramatic in comparison with the English saddle. It usually weighs heavier than the English saddle and covers a greater surface area on a horse’s back. Likewise, it provides excellent comfort to the rider for longer rides.

One thing that you will only in a Western saddle is the front horn of the saddle. It is there for cowboys who like to ride for long routes, and it may not be easy for them to hold the rope for the whole time. Thus, the feature of a horn at the front helps them keep their rope into that while doing other tasks.

Western Saddle

Uses of a Western Saddle:

  • Trail and Pleasure Riding
  • Roping
  • Reining
  • Show riding
  • Pole riding
  • Barrel racing

English Saddle Design

The design of an English saddle is much more classic than that of Western saddles. It is usually smaller in size and weighs lighter due to quality but thin leather. More so, it provides the rider with flexibility that makes it easy to contact the horse. Also, seeing it from the horse’s point gives the animal more space to move its shoulder, which is not possible with a Western saddle.

The use of thin leather straps and smaller stirrups give both the rider and the direct horse contact. In addition, they are more feasible for jumping and giving commands during dressage. Alongside, you also get a knee roll to rest your knees for a proper position during the ride.

English Saddle

Uses of an English Saddle:

  • Showjumping
  • Hunting
  • Racing
  • Dressage
  • Polo and polo cross
  • Trail riding

Conclusion: In general, a western saddle is more commonly designed for cowboys, as they spend long hours on a horse’s back. Moreover, today they serve more purposes like barrel racing, reining, etc. On the other hand, English Saddles are preferable for tasks like – jumping and dressage. Likewise, you can choose any saddle type that best suits your riding discipline.

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