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Equipment for Horse Riding: What do you need?

horse riding equipment

There’s no doubt in saying that horse riding is an expensive sport and whether you are on the field or on the sports ground, it’s necessary to have some equipment. Some people collect the number of elements through the years as they are pretty hefty in price. However, if you are a beginner, try investing in the essential tools first.

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The horse’s saddle, harness, and bridles are the main parts of horse riding equipment. More so, they are being worn by the horse, but there must be some safety for the rider. Thus, you can purchase them over time as they aren’t as costly as the prior ones that are used on a horse.

equipment for horse riding

Apart from the expensive horse riding equipment, you can also go to the affordable options available. Alongside the equipment, you’ll need some apparel to fit into the horseback riding game. Here is a list of things that you may require at the beginning –

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Safety vest
  • Riding trousers
  • Paddock/tall boots
  • Half chaps

Furthermore, these are some essential elements that are a must when you are first starting to run out. However, it may seem that they can be pretty hefty, but once you learn to identify them, it will become easy. There can be terms that you might not be familiar with; thus, we are here to help you out the most.

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Essentials for Horse Riding:

Before starting with the rider’s part, let us give you a point-wise summary of the horse riding equipment list for the horse. They include –

  • Saddle and saddle pad
  • Bridles and reins
  • Harness
  • Bits
  • Stirrups iron
  • Grooming kit
  • Horse blanket

Now, as we know, most of these sum up a great deal of money, but that’s only because they are going to last a long time. Furthermore, we would advise you to look for the best quality ones as it’s a one-time investment. Also, it will save you money from purchasing the same thing again after a specific time.

Here is the list of horse-riding equipment for the rider –

  • Riding pants/trousers – You might be thinking about what’s so different about pants or trousers, but let us inform you that breaches are specially designed pants. They are made up of special fabric that’s thin and stretchable. More so, allowing free movement and preventing chafing.
  • Boots – It is a must for any horse rider to keep a good pair of boots. There are different boots, but the primary ones are paddock (short) boots and tall boots. Also, it’s not a good idea to wear your regular boots as they lack the feature of safety and comfort. More so, a riding boot comes with a small heel that keeps your foot from sliding into the stirrup.
  • Helmet – Any horse rider without a helmet will like playing unsafe in a complete rush surrounding. It can be quite dangerous for the riders to go without a helmet as it provides safety to your head and skull. If you want to avoid any head trauma or injury, it’s better to wear a helmet first.
  • Safety vest – Along with the helmet, a safety vest will keep you safe from your torso area while riding the horse. There are different styles of safety vests available, and wearing them will protect you from the impact of hooves.
  • Half chaps – As the name suggests, half chaps cover half of the rider’s leg and provide support and protection. Moreover, they function to prevent chafing and rubbing and help the rider from riding up or twisting.

Horse Riding: Additional Essentials

As we know, horse riding requires some basic essentials so that it can help during the riding routine. Similarly, there are some additional essentials that a rider may need during the horse ride for safety reasons. Here, you can read about some must-haves to stay prepared for future damage. It includes –

1. Grooming Kit –

To maintain your horse’s hygiene, you will be required to keep it clean. Thus, having a grooming kit is a must to properly take care of your horse.

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Likewise, taking proper care of your horse will prevent them from any viral or bacterial infection. To be precise, you’ll need – a soft brush, comb, face brushing, grooming glove, and others.

2. Fly Spray –

As you ride a horse in an open area, it’s obvious to say that there must be insects and flies in the surrounding. It’s mostly seen that bugs and flies that come near the horse can make them irritable. Sometimes, they may also cause irritation or inflammation on the horse’s skin.

So, the best method to avoid such bugs and flies is to use a fly-killing spray in your saddle bag. Needless to say, it will eliminate any such issue that may cause irritation to the horse.

3. First Aid Kit –

Not every time you’ll be at risk while riding a horse, yet you have to take precautions. So, it’s advisable to always carry an emergency kit during the ride so that if there’s an injury, you know how to deal with it.

By keeping a first aid kit, you are adapting to take care of the horse while it’s injured. However, if there’s anything serious, it’s better to take it to your veterinarian for proper safety measures.

Focus on the Equipment that you require!

There can be various items for horse riding that a rider may include for comfort and support. However, it’s best to choose the options that are readily available while staying focused on your riding routine. In short, always buy the Equipment that you need while keeping it within your budget. Moreover, there’s no point in purchasing riding essentials you do not require now!

What not to buy for a horse riding routine?

Some people often buy horse riding equipment, but that’s not the right choice. Yet, they purchase it, and over time its value starts to degrade before its actual usage. While looking at a tack shop, it will be easy to make up your mind to buy all that’s visible. However, there are plenty of things that you may not require.

Firstly, make a list of things that you want to buy. It’s not that you have the requirement for every other essential, even if you are a beginner. In addition, it’s not a compulsion that you have to buy a brand new tack or new saddle parts. Also, do not keep an extra supply of shampoo, tail bags, and leg wraps, as they are easily manageable from any other tack store.

Conclusion –

You need to get a lot before getting up on the horse, and that’s possible with knowledge and learning. However, we believe in practical knowledge as it gives a direct approach as to how you need to handle the horse. Likewise, we would suggest you can buy a saddle or bridle or any other equipment from our site as well. Also, be sure about the measures and the type of product that you require.

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