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The products we sell, i.e., horse saddles, bridles, and harnesses, are all available at affordable rates. Furthermore, we do not charge anything extra apart from the products you are willing to pay for. Henceforth, there are no delivery charges from our end.
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Saddle Fitting:

It’s really important to position the saddle correctly so that it does not fall off the horse’s back. For that, make your saddle bars sit comfortably over the horse’s shoulder without interrupting its movement. Also, make sure the rigging position is not much sliding bar or forth without pressuring the Saddle on the horse. Accordion Sample Description
If you are concerned about your horse’s comfort and safety, then using a saddle pad is quite a good option. With the latest technological advancement, you can now choose saddle pads per your horse’s riding routine. Moreover, they come with just the right amount of padding for the proper comfort and also not being too bulky for the horse.
It’s appropriate to make the saddle fit just above the horse’s back so there’s no movement inconvenience. Similarly, you have to look for a length of the Saddle that’s neither too big nor too short for the horse. The main point that you have to consider is that the Saddle should not cross the horse’s last rib. If the Saddle is too long, it will cause discomfort in movement. On the other hand, if the Saddle is too short, it will cause pain and sores to the horse’s back. Thus, choose the saddle length correctly with the right measurements.
Doesn’t matter if your Saddle is new or already in use; you must always fix it for a proper riding routine. Obviously, you must get the saddle fix as per the horse’s weight and size. However, it’s also important to check its seat for your comfort level. In order to get it fixed, you can take help from a saddler, or if you are buying it from our website, we’ll do the customization part for you.
It certainly depends on what tasks you are going to perform. If you want to add a saddle pad because you are using it as protection against jumping, then it’s applicable. However, if your saddle is perfectly fitting, you must not add extra cushioning, for it may change the saddle's fit.

As it’s been said, “feed your leather carefully,” roughly translates as – do not condition your saddle too much, or it will wear out. Also, if the leather saddle that you are using is too dry, it will start to break in places.

On the other hand, if the leather has too much conditioner on it, it will feel sticky rather than absorbing the material. Furthermore, it will make the saddle very slippery; stitches may get worn out and possibly makes your clothes dirty. Thus, do not overuse the saddle conditioners, and it would be better to use them when needed.

Yes, it’s of most importance to get your young horse fitted as they’ll be trying a saddle for the first time. Likewise, if you are going to take care of saddle fitting, it will be better for them in the future. It’s quiet to note that trying an old saddle on a young horse may cause infections and damage its structure.
No matter if your saddle is old, torn out, or a new one, you must get it repaired instantly. Using a saddle with improper stitching can be dangerous as it may loosen up during the ride and cause discomfort. Hence, a rider must check the saddle every time they begin to ride the horse for safety purposes.

There can be various reasons why your saddle may be sliding forward and causing discomfort to you and the horse as well. You may read the following points and then take the necessary action –

  • If the girth of the saddle does not fit properly, it can make the saddle slide back and forth.
  • Make sure your girth does not have elastic, or it will keep on stretching.
  • You can also use saddle pas that will adjust the mobility of the saddle or the tree underneath.

An adjustable tree in a horse saddle is more beneficial for a horse with a differently structure back area. Here are three statements that suggest how an adjustable tree works in horse saddles –

  • It allows you to manually change the tree size per your horse’s width. Likewise, it will be more suitable if your horse is growing.
  • An adjustable saddle will be more worthy for horses that come with a curvy and straight back.
  • The structure of an adjustable saddle will make them last longer than a traditional working horse saddle.

About Horse Riding:

As per the suggestion of equestrian experts, you should have different saddles for every horse. However, if you are using it for a short time, it will be fine unless you will not repeat it again. It is also said that a saddle for a horse is just like a shoe for a person. Moreover, it may change its shape if you shift it onto someone else.
Yes, it is not only important, but as per the rules and survey report, you must not get onto the horse without a helmet for your own safety. In general terms, beginners are always advised to be equipped with horse riding tools. Thus, it will protect them and the horse from accidental falls.
If you are into gaited horses, it will not be surprising as they walk or run much more smoothly than other horses. Similarly, most horse riders look for gaited horses as they are more comfortable with their balance and riding routine.
Yes, you may. It’s always better to check for the gullet clearance so that as it fits on the horse’s back, it’s not too narrow or wide. Also, it’s advisable to buy a saddle as per your riding discipline so that there’s no confusion. In case you are a newbie with horse riding, you can go for a general all-purpose saddle.
While we all are aware of the importance of bridle in horse riding, we often forget about the horse’s comfort. A bridle sits close to the horse’s face and throat area where the skin is very light, and tightening up of straps can cause issues. Thus, it can affect the horse’s health, and other problems may occur.
Yes, it’s possible to go through lower back pain even if you are using the saddle for any sort of horse riding discipline. There can be three reasons that may cause you lower back pain while sitting on a horse saddle. They include –
  • When the saddle does not fit properly
  • If the saddle seat is too small for the rider
  • If the tree of the saddle is too low in the back, that doesn’t provide the actual support
Yes, there certainly is an age limit depending on the type of ride you are going for. The basic limit for riding a horse in various disciplines depends upon the rider’s age, weight, and height. Likewise, children below the age of 5 years should not be riding a horse. However, there is no maximum age limit until the person’s physique is quite well.
Needless to say, using your own horse tack items will allow the rider and the horse to be on the safer side. Thus, you can bring your boots, helmet, saddle, and other parts for a well-fitted horse riding routine.
Yes, using a saddle for horse riding is the best option, as it keeps the rider in place. Alongside, the horse will be able to ride more freely as the rider’s weight will be equal on the horse's back. Generally, a horse saddle will be suitable for beginners, professionals, and any type of horse riding discipline.
You can communicate with the horse directly, so they do not feel awkward before the ride. Secondly, giving them care and love will make them more attached to you and not irritate them. Hence, it will be more useful during the horseback ride.
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