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Gaited Horse Saddle

Gaited Horse Saddle

What is meant by gaited horse?

In the world of horses, it is pretty rare to find gaited horses that are for real. Roughly there are about 350 breeds of horses, and among them, only 30 are naturally gaited. While other horses are equally measured in all respects, a gaited one is often preferable by a lot of people. Needless to say, gaited horses are supposedly easier to ride as they are smoother in riding aspects. People who suffer from back or joint issues are more likely to develop a close connection with this breed of horses.

The term “gaited horse” relates closely to the single-foot horses, which are usually running while walking. In simple words, such a breed of horses is famous for their smooth ride as the always have one foot in contact with the ground. More so, such horse does not require many commands from the rider as they are naturally learned.

Do gaited horses need special saddles?

Yes, it’s true that a gaited horse needs a special saddle that accommodates a greater range of motion. In general, the gaited horse saddle works well with the horse’s movement. More so, it stays in complete contact with the horse’s back, shoulder, and neck. Furthermore, it’s an essential consideration for all horses.

As we know, most gaited horses are especially famous for they move each foot independently in perfect timing. It further suggests that their muscles move differently than those built to perform, walk and trot. More so, it would help if you had a special saddle to fix over a gaited horse for proper comfort.

Gaited Horse Saddle

What is the best saddle for a gaited horse?

A gaited horse has a naturally long stride that may not suit a treed saddle. They can pinch and put pressure on the horse and make them move in an uncomfortable manner. In other words, what fits right while you are standing may not work as well when you are in movement.

Most popular gaited horse saddles include –

  • Tucker saddle
  • Acoustic saddle
  • Wintec Professional saddle
  • Pommel saddle
  • Australian stock saddle
  • Endurance saddle

Some of the best-gaited horse saddles that you can find do not include a tree. If you choose to buy it from our site, know that we customize each saddle according to the horse. It means that the saddles are even more versatile, and you can purchase them without a doubt.

Among the others, the one saddle that fits ideally for horses with long trails is the Australian saddle. These saddles are highly popular among horse racing riders. Likewise, the other name for such saddles is Endurance Saddles. All in all, they are an excellent addition to the gaited horse that you own.

What makes a gaited horse saddle different?

Unlike other horse saddles, the gaited ones are quite different in shape and comfort. The common difference between a gaited horse saddle and an all-purpose saddle is the shape of the underneath tree. It is obvious to say that gaited horses walk differently than other breeds of horses. Similarly, due to their unique movements, you’ll require a treeless saddle that is perfectly shaped according to the horse’s fit.

How to fit a gaited horse saddle?

It can be pretty tricky to fit a saddle on a horse if you are doing it for the first time. However, you can achieve overall better learning for working the best-gaited horse saddle with regular practice. In order to fix it, you need to learn how to adjust all 3 dimensions of the horse’s back. There are some really specific saddles that fit best in all the 3 angles of the horse. Moreover, the fitting system allows the horse to move freely and without any shoulder pinching or movement restriction.

In addition, the best-gaited horse saddles come along with proper cushioning that allows the movement of the muscles. Also, it gets attach to the scapula, which makes longer rides more comfortable and fluid. In general, when gaited horses are not in their most comfortable position, they might move freely without any command. Likewise, it is an important aspect that fits in long-distance and endurance riding.

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