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Horse Tack: Definition and Uses

Horse Tack

You all must have heard about horse riding equipment and its uses. But do you know there is a collective term for most horse riding tools? Some people get confused when they hear the term “horse tack”, as it does not denote a single device. Instead, it includes different tools, such as – saddle, bridle, harness, browband and other tools.

Below we have stated the terms in a more simplified manner for your understanding. Likewise, you can go through the information and may also look through various horse riding products available at our website –

About Horse Tack:

In direct terms, horse tack is a referable as the essential items that a rider may require for horse riding. You must know that certain equipment is necessary for the rider’s and horse’s safety. Thus, the equipment that we use during horse riding is all counted as horse tack. Namely, they are – saddles, saddle blankets, stirrups, bridles, reins, harnesses and others.

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If you are a rider, you must have heard saddlers use terms such as “tacking up” or “tack room”. It is basically because the term “tack” concludes different parts of horse riding. So if you ever come across the term “horse tack”, know that it’s not a single item but a range of different tools used for horseback riding. This is why there are so many stores by horse tack and similar types of words.

Popular Elements of Horse Tack

As already stated, a horse tack consists of different horse riding tools. If you are familiar with different types of horse riding equipment, you must know a lot of different riding tools. Similarly, you can easily figure them out without much assistance from others.

Some of the popular horse riding equipment that comes under horse tack include –

  • Horse Saddle: The most important part of horse riding allows the rider to sit comfortably on the horse’s back. Likewise, it also allows safety and comfort to the horse and the rider at the same time. In short, the horse saddle distributes the rider’s weight equally and prevents the horse from back pain.
  • Saddle Blanket: As the name suggests, a saddle blanket is one that goes underneath the saddle and above the horse’s back. Furthermore, it prevents the horse from getting any discomfort from the saddle.
  • Reins: These are long straps that are basically made up of leather, nylon or synthetic material. Likewise, reins are used to keep the horse under control by attaching them to the bridle.
  • Bridle: A bridle is that part of horse tack that lies on the horse’s face. Furthermore, the actual functioning of a horse bridle is to help the rider to communicate with the horse during horse riding.
  • Harness: The harness is a useful device that allows you to connect the horse with the load or carriage that’s behind the horse. Moreover, there are many other uses for a horse harness, such as in sports, etc.
  • Bit: It is a metal piece that acts as a medium for attachment between the reins and the bridle. Also, a bit sits inside the horse’s mouth so that the rider can give direct commands to the horse.
  • Hackamore: It is a type of halter where or bridle that you do not require to use a bit. More so, it is likely for people who consider bit not to be an essential part of horse riding. Some riders also say that using a bit is cruelty for the animal, so they try to avoid it.

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Apart from all these essential parts, there are also some other horse tack parts. Some of the commonly popular features of horse tack include – blinders, boots, browbands, etc. They may not be the primary items, but riders also use them during horse riding discipline.


When you purchase a saddle or bridle online, you hardly lay emphasis on the terms. Most people buy saddles online without even referring to their type, and that’s when they may make a mistake. Similarly, horse tack is a popular term that denotes all the items that are useful for different horse riding disciplines. As per your will, you can also buy saddle online or other equipment from our website

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