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Horse Terms

horse racing terms

When you are a newbie to horse riding, there are some terms that you need to understand. The terminology that relates to horse riding is preferable as – “horse terms”. Likewise, when you know all these terms, it’ll become easy to understand the language that relates to the keyword.

Some people might be in trouble when they get to hear new terms for horse riding and horse racing. However, you need to worry as they are simple to acknowledge if you give a thought to these horse terms. There are some common horse terms that are popularly known of by horse riders.

They include –

  • Aged – Most horses have an average lifespan of over 20 to 25 years. However, they become aged if they reach an age of 7 years or above.
  • Aids – The natural aids are useful in influencing the horse with the use of – hands, legs, voice, seat, or weight. In addition, the use of artificial aids (whips and spurs) will help in reinforcing the natural aids.
  • Arabian – It is the oldest and the purest form of horse breed that originates from the Arabian Desert. They are amazingly popular for their sensitivity and finely shaped heads.
  • Arena – It is an area where horse riders compete with each other as a sport. Accordingly, the land is mostly sand or dirt, not a hard surface that may cause injury. 
  • Bars – It is a toothless gap inside the horse’s mouth between the incisors and molars. Basically, it is where the bit rests inside the horse’s mouth.
  • Billets – The leather straps fall under the flaps of an English saddle. More so, it attaches where the buckles of the girth are present.
  • Breed Show – It is an event where the show is limit to a particular horse breed. The event takes place under the authorities of the registered breed.
  • Colt – It is a term that describes the uncastrated male horse. The age of the animal is not more than four years old.
  • Curb bit – It is a severe form of snaffle bit that uses sidepieces and a strap that goes under the chin of the animal.
  • Equestrian – The term commonly indicates individuals involved in horseback riding activities. 
  • Filly – It is the term that refers to female horses that are not more than the age of 4 years old.
  • Faults – It can be basically a penalty that’s raised on the rider or the horse when they do not follow the rules of the game.
  • Harness – It is important equipment that attaches to the animal to the plough or carriage for various travel works.

Horse Racing Terms:

  • Barrel racing – It is a sports activity that is most popular as western horse riding technique. In this, the horse gallop around barrels along with the rider. It’s a kind of race where the final winner is the one who reaches the finish line without overturning the barrel.
  • Bridle – It equipment that is used in horse racing that is right above the horse’s head. It mainly controls the horse and attaches it to the reins and bit.
  • Cadence – The sound that mainly represents the rhythm of the striding of the horse.
  • Cross-Country – It is a test in endurance racing where the rider has to show the jumps with their horse. Moreover, they have to show it before the field. 
  • Eventing – In English horse riding activity, eventing is a discipline that consists of three different shows – dressage, cross-country and show jumping. 
  • Side-saddle – It is a form of the horse riding position in which the rider keeps both of the legs on one side.

Horse Riding Terms:

  • Blinkers – These are shields that attach to the bridle to prevent distraction. It allows the horse to look in the straight direction without looking around.
  • Dressage – It is a French term that stands for training. Likewise, the English horse and the rider do such movement that highlights the horse’s balance, suppleness, and obedience under such discipline.
  • Cross country Jumping – Riding a horse across the fences and obstacles that are usually built over natural terrain.
    Endurance Riding – The term is basically referable in the events where horses are being judged for their performance. The contestants of the show get points for
  • their speed and fitness.
  • Ground Training – It is a technique where you teaches the horse while staying on the ground rather than sitting on the saddle. In addition, it includes – handwork and longing.

What is a Tack?

When you are into horse riding, you require certain tools to help you ride the horse safely and comfortably. In general, the primary equipment of horseback riding is termed “tack” in the equestrian world. 
It is not so that every horse will have the need for the same tack. The horse rider may require a different tack depending upon their riding discipline. Likewise, choosing the right horse tack will solely depend upon what horse riding/racing activities you are involved in. 

Basic Tack Terms 

  • Bridle – It is a headpiece that fits onto the horse’s face and includes a crownpiece, noseband and other parts. More so, it allows the rider to communicate with the horse. 
  • Bit – These are metal pieces that go inside the horse’s mouth and fit with the bridle’s noseband. Likewise, it holds the reins in place and helps to control the horse during the ride. 
  • Harness – It is a device that connects the horse with the load it needs to carry. A harness is usually leather or nylon straps that attach to the horse through the harness saddle and attaches to the cart or wagon at the back. 
  • Reins – These are ropes or straps that that goes into the bit of the bridle, and the rider holds it in place. Furthermore, reins are there to control to horse’s direction and speed. 
  • Saddle – Almost every equestrian knows that a saddle is the foremost part of horse riding equipment. It’s where the rider sits and communicates with the horse during horse riding. 
  • Stirrups – It is usually made up of metal or wood, where the rider places his foot during horseback riding. 

Final Thoughts:

While referring to all these horse terms, you obviously need to get some training before getting on the back of the horse. Furthermore, if you need to purchase a horse saddle, harness or bridle, you can surely do so on our website.

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