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How many different horse breeds are there?

different horse breeds

When you hear the word “horse breeds,” different pictures might appear in your mind. But if you have less knowledge about the various types of horse breeds, let’s say that there are more than 300 breeds throughout the world.

For centuries, we humans have been breeding horses and evolving them into new ones. The classification of the horse breeds depends upon the color of coats and how they appear in physical terms. Some of them are too strong that they are helpful in carrying heavy loads. On the other hand, some breeds are selectively best for their speed. More so, others are bred to be smart and agile so that they can assist their rider and help in taking action.

What are the Main Types of Horses?

There can be various categories of horses throughout the world, as you know. Some professional horse riders are fascinated by Spanish horse breeds, while others are more fond of war horse breeds. Needless to say, different horse breeds are favorable among people from different parts of the world.

In general, there are basically two classes – horses and ponies. The main difference between the two is their height. More so, a horse is usually above 14.2 hands and taller, while ponies are always shorter than the average height of a horse. Further, several other categories of horses are bred for different companions.

Categories of Horses –

Some people generally ask, “How many horse breeds are there in the whole world?” Well, to your assurance, there are more than hundreds of breeds around the world. However, they come into six categories –

  • Draft horse – The draft horse breeds are generally popular for their famous type – Clydesdale. In the previous ages, they were preferable in farmlands and also for mounting by military officers in battles. They are massive in size and come with huge strength. Likewise, it is easy to recognize them with their signature large hooves. Also, the draft horse breed is valuable for its ability to pull heavy loads.

Draft horse

  • Gaited horses – They are the most gracefully running hoses among all the other ones. The gaited horse breed is commonly famous for its ability and strength to cover long-distance traveling. In addition, these horses have a great deal of stamina in accordance with being easy to ride.

Gaited horses

  • Rare horses – There are some horse breeds that can be traced back to ancient civilizations. Such can be rare horse breeds that are on the verge of getting endangered. Some popular ones can be – Canadian horses, Akhal-Teke Horse, Eriskay Pony, and a few others.

Rare horses

  • Light horses – This category of horse breed is ten to be small in size and quite similar to a pony. However, they are excellent for riding and most preferable by cowboys in America. Some of these were useful for their speed which is a high intent in horse racing. They serve the purpose of herding and are particularly famous as Appaloosas and American Paint horses.

Light horses

  • Ponies – It is easy to identify a pony among horses as they are usually short in height. Though they serve the same purposes as other horses, they do not come under the big horse breeds of America. Most people use ponies instead of horses to teach young children how to ride horses.


  • Warmbloods – These are the type of horses that you’ll generally see in an Olympic event. They are preferable for sports as they have a high built-in physique. These horses come by cross-breeding between draft horse breeds with the Arabians or Thoroughbreds. Moreover, the result came out to be athletic and even-tempered horses.


Color Breeds

Apart from the classification of horse breeds given above, there can be some other classes of the breeds as well. They are eligible for registration as they come in a different color. Such differentiation can be more attractive as the horse comes in a typically flashy and desirable outer appearance.

Some of the horse breeds that differ in the color of the coat are only including large horse breeds. A few of them get their registry under the color breed and their origin. More so, it tends to make them more valuable among the others.

While talking in terms of color breeds, it is likely to say that Black horse breeds and White horse breeds are the most popular ones. Though it depends upon people’s preferences, both are highly in demand in America.

Conclusion –

While choosing the right horse, the first thing you need to do is know the exactness of the work. It further means that though there are millions of horses, they all may not be suitable as per your requirement. Also, the next important thing after the horse comes to the horse saddle and bridle that you need to purchase. Moreover, learn to know the best for you and then make the purchase.

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