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How to Break in a New Horse Saddle?

break into a Saddle

When it comes to horseback riding, a comfortable and properly fitting saddle is of utmost importance. However, breaking into a new horse saddle can be daunting for many riders. But worry not! In this blog post, we will discuss some easy steps that will help you break into your new horse saddle.

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How do you break into a Saddle?

We all know that horseback riding activities have been popular for centuries and ages of time. So, most people tend to follow the traditional approach of breaking into a saddle. Likewise, with new technology, it has become more feasible to break into a new horse saddle.

Technically, every rider uses their method to fit into their new horse saddle. Most commonly, they choose the lubricating method on their leather saddle to get it loose. Otherwise, they just have to ride while sitting in the same saddle over a few days. However, they can also try different methods to break into a new horse saddle.

What are the steps to break into a new Horse Saddle?

As you may learn it using different techniques, there are some simple steps that help the rider to fit in their saddle. Likely to say it should also be perfectly fitting for the rider and the horse.

Here are the steps that you can follow –

Step 1: Clean and Condition your Saddle

Before you start breaking in your new horse saddle, clean it thoroughly. Use a mild soap and water solution to wipe down your saddle, ensuring you get into all the crevices and hard-to-reach areas. Once your saddle is clean, apply a leather conditioner to keep it supple and soft.

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Step 2: Adjust your Stirrup Leather

The next step is to adjust your stirrup leathers to the correct length. Sit in your saddle with your feet in the stirrups, and adjust the length of the leathers so that your legs hang naturally and your heels are at the correct depth.

Step 3: Ride with a Saddle pad

When breaking in your new saddle, it’s important to use a saddle pad to protect both your saddle and your horse. A thick, well-padded pad will help cushion the saddle and distribute weight evenly, reducing the risk of soreness or discomfort for your horse.

Step 4: Start with Short Rides

When you first start using your new saddle, it’s important to start with short rides. Begin with just 15-20 minutes in the saddle, gradually increasing the length of your rides over time. This will give your saddle time to conform to your horse’s shape and riding style without causing undue stress or discomfort.

Step 5: Ride in Different Positions

During your short rides, make sure to ride in different positions to help your saddle conform to your body shape. Sit in a forward seat, then sit deep in the saddle. Lean back slightly, then lean forward. These subtle changes in position will help you break into your saddle more quickly and comfortably.

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Step 6: Monitor your Horse’s Comfort

Throughout the breaking-in process, monitoring your horse’s comfort level is important. Check for any signs of soreness or discomfort, such as swelling, heat, or reluctance to move. If you notice these signs, give your horse a break and contact your veterinarian or equine chiropractor for advice.

Determining the Type of Saddle

Before searching through the right measure to apply for breaking into your new saddle, it’s required that you first identify its type. It is obvious to say that different types of saddles come with different types of fitting. Also, not all of them require a “break in” before finally using the saddle for the horse ride.

In simple words, fitting into an English leather saddle can be easier than settling in a Western leather saddle. On the other hand, if you are using a synthetic saddle, then there’s no requirement for lubricating the seat or any other part. Thus, you should always determine and then follow the process accordingly.

Final Thoughts

It’s likely to say that breaking into a new horse saddle can take time and patience. However, the steps that are mentioned above can ensure a comfortable and safe riding experience for the rider and the horse. Remember to take it slow, ride in different positions, and monitor your horse’s comfort level throughout the process.

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