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How to Choose the Correct Western Saddle Seat Size?

Western Saddle Seat Size

After confirming with the appropriate saddle for your horse, it’s quite relieving for riders to start with their riding schedule. At the same time, while you purchase a Western Saddle, make a note to figure out the right horse saddle seat for the rider and the horse.

While you may emphasize the saddle seat’s experience and comfort, the right size matters the most. It’s notable to say that choosing the correct Western saddle seat will have a direct effect on the rider’s performance. Likewise, you can use the same saddle for different purposes so that there’s no extra spending in the future. Furthermore, you can look through the various considerations before selecting the right Western saddle for your horse.

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About Western Saddle Seat:

A saddle seat is a primary part where the rider sits during horseback riding. While talking in terms of an English saddle seat, the Western ones are more comfortable and spacious. You can find the best as per your riding discipline, horse, and comfort level.

Now, the question comes, what size of Western Saddle seat do you need? Well, you just have to look for the better options available most time. To say the least, you must look for something that fulfills your requirement and also have a presentable layout.

Different Western Saddle Seat Sizes:

No matter what saddle category you go for, they all come in various options. Similarly, they are all available in different sizes depending on the rider’s height and physique. Furthermore, you can get a general idea by looking at the following saddle sizes:

  • Youth: 12 – 13 inches
  • Small Adult: 14 inches
  • Average Adult: 15 inches
  • Large Adult: 16 inches
  • Extra-Large Adult: 17 inches

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While you are looking for the right Western saddle size, you must also know that there are several designs in each category. Let’s say you are looking for a 15.5-inch barrel racing saddle. However, you might have to look for a 16-inch saddle size for comfort when you go for a ranch saddle.

Different Parts of a Western Saddle Seat:

As you take the measurement of the Western saddle seat, make sure you use the same while purchasing them online. Likewise, the impact of the perfectly fitting seat will result in the rider’s performance.

The popular design and parts of Western saddle seats include –

  • Seat Depth: If you are looking for a more bottomless seat option, then be sure you choose the right one. Also, a deeper seat will allow the rider to sit in deeply without much movement.
  • Seat Slope: The slope of the seat will depend on what saddle type you have chosen. Likewise, they may range from flat to steep slopes if you are not looking at them otherwise.
  • Cantle Slope: Some of the cantles can be high, while others can be low and straight. Moreover, they, too, ranging from mild to steep depending upon the saddle type.
  • Fork Style: A fork style of the saddle can be either broad or narrow. Some of the slick styles of the fork have hardly any space that allows them for broad swell.

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All of these features constitute building a saddle design depending upon different patterns. However, not all of these patterns will be favorable for every rider. Thus, they can choose the one depending on their riding style.

Points to Consider for Western Saddle Seat:

Here are the following points to remember for choosing the proper Western saddle seat size –

  • The most important thing that you should consider is that the seat size matters for the rider and not the horse.
  • Keeping a distance of about 4 inches between the rider’s front and the fork is essential.
  • There must be an inches gap between the cantle and the horse’s back.
  • If you are pressing against the pommel or cantle, it means that the seat is too tight for you.

All of the Western saddles are primarily to provide comfort and support to the rider. That’s why when it comes to choosing the right saddle seat, you must look through various options.


When referring to the best riding seat, there are various options for you to choose from. However, there is no standard-size Western saddle seat that you can purchase with the exact measurements. Therefore, always try the saddle fit, size, and seat for comfort level. If you have no idea how to calculate the right saddle seat, you can check with your saddler.

Otherwise, you can refer to our website and check out the products available. In addition to the popular Western saddles, we also have a wide range of English saddles and other horse tack equipment.

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