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How to Measure a Saddle Gullet?

Saddle Gullet

Often you’ll come across horse riders who are continuously looking to find the perfect saddle if they haven’t found one. If you are willing to buy a new horse saddle, know that some actual measurements apply.

Needless to say, every equestrian comes to a point where they have to measure their horse to buy its saddle in the exact fit. Or else it will cause discomfort to the horse and result in an accidental fall, which may also hurt the rider.

As you move with measuring the saddle of your horse, the one thing that most people forget is measuring the insights. Even if you have the most exact way to determine the width of the saddle, it can still be challenging to measure the gullet of the same.

So, before you go and pick a nice-looking saddle for your horse, make sure you have its exact measurement. Before selecting a Western saddle for sale, let’s learn a few things about saddle gullets!

What exactly is a saddle gullet?

You may conclude the fitting of the saddle to make it sit properly on the horse’s back. But do you know it’s equally important to measure the gullet of your saddle as well? If you have no idea what a gullet is, it’s the middle gap between two barrel bars underneath the front of your saddle.

If we talk about the exact place where the gullet lies, you can refer to the space that lies beneath the pommel. In order to determine the width and height of the gullet, you first have to be sure what saddle you have to purchase.

Typically, your saddle gullet may range from 5″ to 7″, depending upon the horse’s back. In general, you may apply to the reference of the gullet that may differ from each saddle –

  • Regular quarter bar – 5″
  • Arabian bar – 6″
  • Semi-quarter bar – 6″
  • Full quarter bar – 6″
  • Extra-wide quarter bar – 6″ to 7″

Does it differ from measuring gullets in Western and English saddles?

Firstly, a well-fitted saddle will have all the good points you may look forward to. Similarly, the saddle will be of the proper fitting if all parts sit perfectly on the horse’s back. Most riders lay huge stress on making the saddle’s gullet fit the horse’s back. Also, it’s an essential aspect as properly fitting the gullet will boost the rider’s performance depending upon their riding discipline.

More so, the gullet size and measurements may differ from that of a Western saddle to an English one. Some English saddle riders also believe that it’s the most important part of perfecting the riding discipline. Thus, it doesn’t matter if you choose a Western or English saddle. You just have to check its difference and how well they fit on your horse’s back.

Method of Measuring a Horse Saddle Gullet

If you are measuring your saddle’s gullet for the first time, there can be a bit of confusion in taking the right measurements. Generally, there are two methods of measuring your saddle’s gullet. In the first one, you can take help from your professional saddle fitter and know the exact width of the gullet. On the other hand, you can also use the withering method that helps to identify the exactness of your saddles’ gullet.

Wither Tracing Method:

Now, to check the size of the gullet that depicts the wideness of the saddle, it’s a must to check how smooth it will be from underneath. Moreover, there are various styles and designs of gullets for every saddle available in the market.

As you must have noted down the actual formation of wither and the shape of your horse, it will be easy to check the size of your saddle’s gullet. For example, if your horse is wide in size, he may need a saddle with broader gullet to fit accommodate.

Here are some that you can follow to measure the saddle’s gullet –

  • Take a wire. Bend it in the same shape as your horse’s withers and schedule it as per the gullet size.
  • Now, place it in the exact shape over a place surface so that it doesn’t lose its shape.
  • You can use paper and mark the actual length of the wire.
  • The final length that you’ll get in inches will be the width of your horse’s gullet.


You must have concluded by now that it’s not that tough to measure the saddle’s gullet. However, you just have to apply the right techniques, and it’ll be worth your time!

If you cannot find the perfect saddle to buy for your horse, you may also take advice from a professional. Likewise, we have a bunch of options available on the website for you to make the purchase of a saddle online.

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