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How to Measure for a Well-Fitting Saddle?

Well-Fitting Saddle

As you read in the title “well-fitting saddle,”; here we’ll provide you with information on the same matter. Most horse riders consider only one point while referring to a well-fitting saddle, and that’s the angle of the tree. However, there are many aspects of a horse saddle that you need to confirm before going for horseback riding.

Some people have this idea that if they can slide in fingers between the space of the gullet and the horse, they assume it to be a right fit for the horse. Furthermore, there are some other points that you must consider before addressing the saddle to be the right fit.

How to Measure for a Saddle?

In order to get the correct measurement for your saddle, it’s best to go for the easiest option. You can use your old saddle first and measure it accordingly. Also, if you are looking forward to measuring the horse’s back by yourself, it’s quite easy and requires no expert skills. However, you have to be connected with the horse, so there’s no discomfort or injury.

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Once you begin taking the right measurements, note them down somewhere for future reference. Also, if you have no idea how to take the right measurements, you can always take saddler’s help or refer to an expert.

Just like humans, horses also tend to grow in size with time. Therefore, it’s better to take the actual measurements and then purchase the saddle online. So, in order to measure a well-fitting saddle, you first have to measure it according to the rider. Furthermore, you can go on with the next steps of measuring it as per the horse.

Take the Measurements: For the Rider

While stating the proper fit of the saddle, it’s important to look at it from the rider’s point of view. The actual measurement that you have to focus on is the rider’s thigh area.

Here is a chart that shows how precisely you can take the measurement:

Rider’s Thigh Saddle Size
Below 16 inches 15 inches
16.5 to 18 inches 16 inches
18.5 to 20 inches 16.5 inches
20 to 21 inches 17 inches
21 to 23 inches 17.5 inches
Above 23 inches 18 to 20 inches

The above-given chart shows how an average adult’s thigh may range. However, there can still be a difference if you have some other measurements. Likewise, you can follow up by trying the saddle by yourself.

Measuring the Horse: Back Length

Now, it’s obvious to say that the length of the horse’s back will define the saddle size. Therefore, if you have a large horse, then the possibilities are you’ll need an 18” inches saddle.

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In order to take the measurements, you have to follow these steps –

  • Take the measuring take and start from the horse’s shoulder.
  • While going along the horse’s back, locate the rib area and stop where the last rib ends. That’s where your saddle must not go beyond in any manner.
  • Now, you can mark the distance between each measurement and note it down. This is how to take the measurement of the horse’s back.

Measuring the Horse: Back Width

After confirming the horse’s back length, you have now measured its width. More so, you’ll need a wire along which you have to take the following steps –

  1. Start taking the measurement from the horse’s shoulder blade and move it along the back.
  2. Make sure you move it along the width of the horse on either side.
  3. Now remove the wire and write down the exact measurement that you took from the horse.
  4. Henceforth, this will be the correct measurement of the horse’s back width for the saddle size.

All you do is, mark these measurements in a particular place and allow your saddler to do the work. If you are looking to buy a saddle online, make sure you provide them with the correct details of the horse’s back. In addition, do not forget the measurement you took for the riders as well.


We know how difficult it can be to look for the proper measurement of the saddle. That’s why we have stated the above information to help our riders who need assistance buying saddles. Needless to say, you can check out saddles on our website and further look to buy them online. We may provide some possible services to our customers as per their demands.

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