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Is your Horse Ready for the Season?

Is your Horse Ready for the Season

Many horse owners/riders look forward to getting their horses into the fields for the horse show season. More so, they need to prepare their horses as there are specific requirements to show up in the game. Accordingly, the horse with the best form and possibly the right shape will win the competition. But is your horse really ready for the season? Let’s find out!

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When it’s about time for you to get your horse in the show ring, you need to be thoroughly prepared to achieve success. Luckily, if you have experience, you may know how to show up in the ring. However, if you are new to the game, we’ll help you find ways to perform well with your horse.

How should I begin with horse training?

The best and the most important thing about preparing your horse for the horse show is to follow the basic rules of the equestrian training program. It basically means that you must indulge in a combination of riding knowledge and technique, such as –

  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Mental Preparation

If you are well-versed in horse riding technique, you must know that they can perform straightway for 20 to 25 minutes. Moreover, it can only be possible if everything is suitable in the correct format for the horse’s riding style.

Even when the horses are familiar with the riding technique, they may not be able to perform well in the show ring. At the same time, many horses may not have enough momentum and balance to go on with their training schedule. Thus, they require professional help and the rider’s support to be on top of the game.

Popular Tips to get ready for Show Season

When going to a horse show, it’s important that you learn a few basics before going all in. These shows happen to occur on a worldwide level. Likewise, there’s a range of equestrian disciplines that allow the horses to take part in any form of riding routine. Similarly, it doesn’t matter what level of experience the horse has in contrast with other riders.

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In order to be in your best riding form, there are certain aspects that you must be clear about. Likely, you can read some of the popular tips that help to get your horse ready for the show.

Six tips to get ready for show season –

1. Go through the Rules

When going to a horse show, it’s of high importance to go through the rule book to know the exactness of the participating event. Supposedly, there are certain rules that every participant must follow in order to play fairly in the game. Moreover, if you tend not to follow the rules, then it’s evident that you’ll get disqualify from the show.

2. Stay Physically Fit & Active

It’s common for people to think that in a show event, why do they even require to stay active and fit? However, preparing your horse in the activity section will play a key role in getting selected on the basis of attraction and looks. So it’s a must to exercise regularly to keep those muscles active for the day. Stay fit and active is not only for the horse but for the rider as well.

3. Buy Suitable Equipment

Buying appropriate equipment for the horse show is the most important thing that may often slip from your mind. We all know how important it is to safely ride a horse. Similarly, the rider and the horse too will require specific tools and equipment for support and safety.

4. Collect Knowledge before Attending

If you know nothing about the show, it’s better to be there as an audience first and take part in the event. More so, when you observe the show from the viewer’s point of view, you will catch up with every little detail. Likely, it will benefit you when you take part in the show with your horse.

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5. Groom Your Horse

It is likely to say that in a horse show event, the presentation of your horse is something that really matters. Likely, you should be confident about its magnificent looks by grooming it well before the event. There can be so many things that you may go for in order to make your horse look amazing.

6. Keep Practicing

Unlike other horse riding activities, a show event can be quite different. So, you must keep practising the moves with your horse to be in the most appropriate physical condition. Some riders also follow the trick of making their horse learn just the right amount of moves. More so, it allows the judges to see the animal’s realness and genuine nature.

Steps to Ensure a Successful Performance in Horse Show

In order to be the best in the horse show, there are some steps that you can take –

  1. Always be one step ahead in organizing and packing things early.
  2. Before going for the show, make sure the rider and the horse are fed nutritious food.
  3. It’s better to start early with training, so the horse is well-prepared before the final day.
  4. If you get nervous, stop thinking too much. Just keep breathing and take deep breaths whenever you start to feel low.
  5. Always maintain a positive attitude and accept that winning or losing is a part of the game. Likewise, do not let others take your pride away.
  6. It is likely considered to express your gratitude towards attending the show, as not everybody gets to be at one.

Bottom Line

It is always so exciting to take part in horse show season. Likewise, it is a great opportunity to showcase your horse’s skills and abilities. Accordingly, you are allowing them to perform well at the show by following the right steps and measures for training your horse. Thus, it’s essential to follow the process in order to be at your best in the show.

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