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Leather VS Synthetic: Which Saddle is better?

Leather VS Synthetic

What do you know about Synthetic and Leather Saddle?

If you are into horse riding phenomena, you must know that there are different types of saddles that you can purchase. More so, there’s a lot of difference between a leather, synthetic, or nylon saddle.

The material used in making leather or synthetic saddle is totally different, as the name suggests. To know the difference, here is a brief reference to both these categories of highly popular saddles. They include –

  • Leather Saddle: It is the prime, preferable, and classic form of saddle available throughout the world. Generally, a leather saddle comprises every part that’s made from leather, including – panels, seat, knee roll, flaps, etc. Likewise, only the saddle’s metal part (accessories) will not be of leather material, but every other thing will be.
  • Synthetic Saddle: As the name suggests, these saddles are a by-product of man-made material. Furthermore, these saddles are lightweight, durable, and easy to carry. One best thing about synthetic saddles is that it’s convenient to clean and maintain them. Moreover, you need stress upon taking too much care as they are easily washable.

Comparison Between Synthetic Saddle and Leather Saddle

As you look around, you’ll come across many factors upon which you may determine the material for your horse saddle. While some horseback riders are confined to getting a leather saddle, many are looking out for other affordable options. Hence, you may choose the best one as per your satisfaction and other components.


Talking in General terms, a leather saddle is always at a higher range than a synthetic saddle. It must not be of excellent quality if anyone is trying to give away a leather saddle at a low price. In addition, make sure you do not purchase stiff leather as it’s not of the best quality.
On the other hand, if you are budget-friendly, then looking for a synthetic saddle will be a better option. Though it’s good to invest in a leather saddle, it’s also about how much we are willing to invest.

Quality of Material:

Before looking for a leather saddle, make sure you know how to differentiate between real and fake leather. There are many leather saddle manufacturers that use faux or bonded leather to make saddles. Indeed, they are cutting the cost of real leather in production but selling it at a high price. Furthermore, if you prefer to buy a synthetic saddle, it’s also essential to check the quality there.


Some people lay more stress on checking the quality of the saddle and its tree beneath, but they may not know if it’s the right fit for their horse or not. Alongside, it’s essential to see if the straps of the girth and stirrups are in the right place. Likewise, having them built at good quality will prevent the rider from suffering from accidental falls.


It doesn’t matter what tool you are buying for horse riding. If it’s genuine and real leather, it’s going to last for about 5 to 8 years. The durability of a leather saddle can be so strong that it can be useful again with a few modifications. Also, the resale value of a leather saddle will be higher than a new synthetic saddle. Thus, many people prefer to choose a leather saddle instead of a synthetic one.

So, which saddle is better: Leather or Synthetic?

As per the comparison given above, we would recommend horse riders go for the leather saddle. However, there are many other factors to consider, and you can choose the best saddle per your budget. Likewise, there are always pros and cons to both types of the saddle. You just have to be sure what will be more suitable for your horseback riding equipment.

If you are considering buying saddles online, you can always refer to the products mentioned on our website. There, you can find the best one at an affordable price and genuinely high-quality. In case you require any customizations, we can also do that as per your will.

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