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Most Popular Types of English Saddles

Types of English Saddles

When it’s about selecting the proper horse saddle, most people search for the best option. But, as you type in the search terms, you get various results, and again, you have no idea what to do next! Clearly, it can be confusing for riders to select the best English saddle per their riding discipline.

So, in this blog, we’ll help you to figure out which English saddle will be best depending on various factors. Also, before we move any further, let’s just say that every English saddle is helpful for its own variant of riding discipline. Thus, you cannot use one for the other unless you are unsure if it’s the correct choice.

What is an English Saddle?

English saddles are popularly sold throughout the world for their different riding styles. Some people have this misconception that an English saddle is generally in use in English-speaking countries. However, that’s not true to the core as many sports are using them for they are – lightweight, give a classy look, and are also quite convenient for all types of horses.

In simple words, English saddles are highly popular for their different riding disciplines. Also, the design of an English saddle is as such that it allows the horse freedom of movement. Henceforth, they are a quick pick for riders who are prepping their horses for – jumping, running, going over fences, and such activities.

Most Popular Types of English Saddles

Though there are many types of English saddles available right at the moment. However, here we will inform you about only those high in demand among the riders. Accordingly, it will become easy for you to choose among the best ones available so far.

  1. All-Purpose Saddle: It can be easy to tell by its name that an all-purpose English saddle will be helpful for all forms of riding discipline. Though it may not be as intense as other professional saddles, it’s suitable for slow trail riding and a few jumping activities.
  2. Dressage Saddle: These saddles come with a deeper seating area and a high cantle for the rider. It’s such to make the rider comfortable while the horse runs freely without interruption. Sometimes, you may find a dressage saddle with variant knee and block options to secure the rider in place.
  3. Event Saddle: An Event saddle is sometimes also preferable by the name cross-country saddle. They come with the feature of a shallow seat that is still a little deep, allowing them to move over fences with ease. More so, they also secure the rider’s leg for more safety.
  4. Jumping Saddle: In this type of saddle, you will get a flat seat that comes with more of a square-shaped cantle. Likewise, the horse can move in close contact with the rider. Furthermore, the rider will stay deeply seated during the jumps, which will disallow the horse to have any injury.
  5. Endurance Saddle: These saddles are useful for specific events and are popularly one of a kind. They have long trails that provide the horse and rider better comfort for a longer time. Thus, you can buy an Endurance saddle if that’s what your riding discipline demands.

Choosing the Right English Saddle!

While picking the right saddle for your horse, you need to be sure that it’s what you require. Furthermore, you can also refer to the factors such as – best fit for the horse and not too heavy. Besides, if you have decided on a certain budget, it’s also reliable to look for affordable options. In addition, you can always refer to our website for buying English saddles online as it’s much more convenient.

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