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What are Browbands?

The composition of a horse bridle consists of so many parts. They are all so unique that though there can be some parts, they may differ from each depending upon their type. Similarly, a browband is the topmost part of a bridle that runs across the forehead and attaches to the crownpiece.

The functioning of a browband is stated as under –

  • It helps in preventing the bridle from sliding back and forth from its place. More so, it holds the bridle in place and lets it stays in the actual position.
  • In addition, it also holds various other parts of the bridle when the noseband is present.

You may also come across bridles that consist of designed or bling browbands. They are usually preferred by people who are going for eventing or any such English riding discipline.

Types of Browbands

Several types of browbands are available in the market, depending upon the rider’s choice. They range from different designs, structures and fabrics of the material. However, most of the browband and other parts of the bridle are comprised of leather.

Some of the common types of browbands include –

  • Dressage browband
  • Fancy browband
  • Bling browband
  • Diamond browband
  • Sparkly browband

Apart from these, many different shapes and structures of browbands are customizable per the rider’s demand. They include – U-shaped browbands, V-shaped browbands, padded browbands, non-padded browbands, and curved browbands.

Useful Information

Even if you are looking to buy a beautiful and authentic browband for your horse, make sure you also look for its fitting and size as per your horse. Moreover, taking the right measures and purchasing browbands will be helpful in various ways.

Here are some points that you can consider before you buy browband online

  • It’s important to measure the browband as there are specific requirements.
  • The actual length of the browband available includes – 1/4” increment and width – 1/8”.
  • It’s necessary that the browband should be comfortably fitted and not hang around as it can disturb the whole fitting of the bridle.
  • If you are using a new browband, it may sit out a bit in the starting. Later, it will sit according to the shape of the horse’s head.

In order to take the correct measurements, it’s important that you first adjust the bridle and then see the space left for the browband. If you are not sure what’s the actual fitting, you may also take help from an expert.

Design and Customization

There are so many designs and patterns of browband available on our website. Usually, we keep on updating the patterns every time for proper styling and alterations from time to time. Also, we know that a normal browband may not fit every horse’s head. Thus, we make slight changes as per the customer’s requirements.

We have a set of options that you may choose accordingly. Also, if you want, we can customize the browband and add names or other details at your convenience. In addition, if there’s anything specific, we can also do that. All you have to do is describe your order in detail and deliver the same to your doorstep.


We have got browbands that fit every horse as we do a little customization with the measurements. Also, we know how important it is to stay safe while riding your horse, so we also keep a close check on the actual fitting.

Here at, you will find bridles and browbands of a different variety that you can purchase at the lowest affordable prices. The best part of buying browbands from our store is that we also have a great collection of bridles, halters and other riding equipment.

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