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What is a horse saddle?

A horse saddle refers to a seat for the rider that is attached to the horse. The saddle allows the rider to stay in balance while riding the horse. It provides the necessary support, security and control over the animal.

A typical saddle comes with a wooden piece as a base frame attached with skirts, panels and flaps to protect the rider’s leg from the horse and vice versa. A girth is fitted around the horse’s stomach to offer stability to the saddle caused by stirrups from the rider’s feet.

Types of Horse Saddles

Western Saddles

This is mainly used by cowboys who spend their entire day on the saddle. Therefore, western horse saddles are manufactured, putting comfort and utility in mind to allow riders maximum comfort and plenty of space to tie their ropes, hang guns and rest their hand.

The significant part of the western saddle is the horn. It is used to wrap ropes around while catching cattle, dragging and tying things, and many other advantages. They usually feature high cantles and pommels to create a deeper seat and secure uneven terrain. It also includes large fenders offering stability to unnecessary stirrups while riding.

English Saddles

English horse saddles are lighter in weight and have fewer bells and whistles than Western saddles. There is less leather between the rider and the horse so that one can feel the horse more. Besides, it also helps the rider get more mobility and maintain a proper posture while jumping. Since the stirrup leathers are thin, it crucial for a rider to keep their weight in the stirrups to avoid flopping.

One type of horse saddle is not better than the other as they are used for different purposes. If you are a western rider who never rode an English saddle or an English rider looking to try something new, then Horses Saddle is the right place for you.

Hunt-seat saddle

It is a type of English saddle designed for fox hunters, members of the British Aristocracy who chased foxes in the countryside by leaping over logs, fences, and other obstacles. This saddle is perfect for riders looking to practice jumping. It is designed to make jumping comfortable and secure. 

Dressage saddle

It is also an English saddle used for learning dressage disciple by putting the rider in a more upright position than the hunt-seat saddle. The cantle and pommel are positioned higher with longer stirrup irons and deeper seats. It enables the rider to sit deeper in the saddle with their legs underneath their body, allowing more contact with the horse.

Show saddle

As the name suggests, the show saddle is used in American saddle-seat riding to showcase flashy and high-stepping horses. The saddle is designed to keep the rider sitting farther back, allowing the horse to display more action in its forelegs. Show saddles are ideal for American-bred horses such as Saddlebred, Tennessee walking horses and racking horses. 

Endurance saddle

Endurance Saddle is a combination of English and western saddles providing endurance and comfort to the rider. They are a perfect saddle to spend long hours on the trail, comprising the best of both worlds. They are lightweight and easy to fit like an English saddle while providing a deep seating experience with high pommels and saddle horns as Western saddles. It comes with extra D-rings offering the security of items needed for long trail rides as water bottles, leap ropes and saddle packs.

Horse Saddles Buying Guide

There are various factors to consider while buying a horse saddle, including the riding style, materials, fit, type of saddles, and price. Let’s dive in a little deeper to help you make the right decision.

Style of Riding

If you need a saddle for heavy-duty work, we recommend you get a saddle with a deeper seat, and a western saddle will do the work perfectly. However, if you need more control while riding, such as English-style equestrians, you need an English horse saddle.

Always go for your discipline. For instance, if you are riding an English discipline, you will find a variety of English horse saddles especially designed for dressage, hunting and jumping. An all-purpose saddle can also be a good purchase as it works perfectly on all disciplines. If you participate in an event, then all-purpose can be a wise choice.


Saddles come with different materials such as laminated woods, beech woods, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, iron, leather, plastic, and synthetics. Your riding experience is significantly impacted by the materials you choose.

Leather saddles offer more durability but are expensive and heavier. However, since they last way longer than synthetic counterparts, they can be cheaper in the long run. Meanwhile, synthetic saddles are lighter and affordable but can wear off quickly. Since material technology has evolved over the years, synthetic saddles are much better than before.


Identifying a well-fitting saddle is challenging as a wrong fit causes your pain and leads to your horse’s health and training problems. Most manufacturers include multiple layers of padding on the seat, providing a softer and cushiony feel while keeping your horse comfortable.

Your Measurement Saddle Size
<16.5” 15” saddle
16.5” to 18.5” 16” saddle
18.5” to 20” 16.5” saddle
20” to 21.5” 17” saddle
21.5” to 23” 17.5” saddle
23+” 18” saddle

Horses Saddle gives you access to dedicated equine experts and the best selections of saddles at the best prices. We strive to provide affordably and quality horse riding gears ranging from western and English horse saddles to mini horse saddles of all sizes, fit and comfort. Over the years, our brand has built a stellar reputation in providing the best horse riding apparel and equestrian gear. Our drive for perfection, unparalleled quality and impeccable services have allowed our business to flourish into a successful online retail site.

Saddle Pads or Blanket

You must have seen horse riders using a saddle pad or blanket underneath the saddle on which they sit. The primary use of saddle pads is to protect the horse’s back from friction against the saddle. Likewise, it will also absorb sweat and act as a medium to disallow rubbing and chaffing with the saddle. In addition, if you are looking to get a horse Saddle for sale, make sure you also grab the proper saddle blanket.

Whether you are riding the horse with an English or Western saddle doesn’t matter. Moreover, you will have to buy a saddle pad to place underneath the saddle while riding the horse. In general, two types of saddle pads are available in the market. They include –

English Pads: While choosing the perfect saddle pad, you also have to keep in mind the riding discipline for size accuracy. Let’s say you are using a dressage saddle; for that, you may require a square-quitted cotton saddle pad. In general terms, every saddle requires a different type of saddle pad with accurate thickness.

Western Pads: If you are looking to buy a saddle pad for the Western saddle, there are several options that you can choose from. Many of these Western saddle pads may differ in thickness and quality of the material. In addition, most of these saddle pads come in various designs and patterns.

Whenever you buy a saddle pad, make sure you keep it clean after every use. It may not be a compulsion but once you have spotted a saddle horse for sale, learn to take precautions beforehand. Accordingly, when you store the saddle pad without cleaning, it will start getting smelly and irritating the horse’s skin. Furthermore, to avoid such an issue, ensure you take the saddle pad for the right reasons and without negligence.

Important Note:

We know that grabbing the perfect horse saddle for sale can be difficult. As far as horse riding equipment is concerned, buying a saddle is an essential step for the riders. Thus, you must always look through different options before making the final decision.

What should you look for before buying a horse saddle?

While keeping in mind safety and comfort, you can buy a horse saddle without much fiddling. Also, check if the quality of the material is durable according to the price that you are spending. Whether you are looking to buy a high-quality saddle, learn that it’s always recommendable to purchase within the budget line.

On the other hand, choosing a low-quality saddle will not be favorable for the future. The easiest way to tell if the saddle is low quality is by touching its texture. Most commonly, they will be rough on the outer surface and feel more like cardboard rather than a smooth leather or synthetic finish.

In short, you have to avoid that urge to buy horse saddles for sale near me. Instead, look for the quality of the saddle rather than how fancy they appear on the outside. Moreover, focusing on the fancy fitting will not provide the durability of the material most horse riders want when purchasing a saddle.

The Takeaway

Every saddle that’s available in the market is useful for a different style of riding technique. Similarly, they are also structured on different designs, shapes, and patterns. More, you can buy them as per your budget as a good quality saddle will easily last for 6 to 7 years. Also, it depends on how well you manage the saddle’s material and quality.

Alongside, a rider must go for a saddle that comes in the perfect fit for the horse. Likewise, it will make the ride comfortable and supportive for both the rider and the horse. For further reference, you can view our product page and compare the saddles that you want to buy online.

Is it essential to care for a Horse Saddle?

Yes, in order to have a horse saddle that lasts for several years, you must care for and keep it under proper conditions. Here are the following points that you can consider –

  • It’s important to keep your saddle clean and dry.
  • Make sure you store the saddle under cover and away from dust and weather conditions.
  • Always keep the saddle at normal temperature. There is a high possibility of the leather wearing off in too much hot or cold temperatures.
  • If you are using the saddle on a regular basis, make sure you do not keep it inside until it’s dry.

The process of cleaning and storing a saddle is highly important. In case your saddle has sweat, it will attract direct more likely. Hence, it can cause discomfort to the horse while rubbing against its back. Moreover, handling your saddle will keep it safe for a longer time.

If you are referring to buying a saddle online, there are various options. Alongside, some people also choose to go for “Western saddles for sale near me” as it’s a trustworthy process.

Points to be Considered: For Rider 

Every horseback rider will consider the saddle fit and its size accordingly. Likewise, various designs and seat styles may apply to the method of measuring saddle size. It’s obvious to know that the placement of the saddle, its length, and its flaps have a strong influence on the rider’s performance.

An ill-fitted saddle will not provide proper support to the rider in the seating area. Also, they will be providing comfort, so it’s essential that your saddle seat must be of the proper size. Henceforth, if you want to fit in the seat, make sure you are in the right place before beginning the ride.

Durability & Comfort of Horse Saddles 

The technicality of using high-quality leather with modern techniques will promote the comfort of your horse saddle. In the same manner, we lay more stress on providing something that’s of great comfort and value for money.

Likewise, using a proper comfort saddle will enhance your performance as a horse rider and make your move in different directions without any discomfort. If you are looking for Western saddles for sale near me, know that it’s highly possible using proper searches. In that manner, you can do some research on online websites and buy products from a nearby source.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

The primary purpose of using a horse saddle is to provide comfort and support during the horse riding routine. Likewise, it will enhance the horse’s performance while equally distributing the rider’s weight on its back. Thus, the actual motive of a horse saddle is to provide comfort – both to the horse and the rider.
While most horse saddles may differ in features, it’s likely to say that none of them can account for an exact period of time. It usually takes approximately 10 to 12 weeks to work and complete any form of a horse saddle. If there are any customized options, let’s say it might take 1 or 2 weeks to give a finished look.
Generally, there are two basic categories of horse saddles – English saddles and Western saddles. Under these main classes, there are several other variations of saddles that can be used for different riding techniques.
A horse saddle is a popular device/equipment that’s of high importance for horseback riding. Several parts of a horse saddle (depending upon its type) are useful for distant horse riding activity. Hence, the most popular parts include – the saddle seat, horn, cantle, pommel, stirrups, etc.
You can surely ride a horse without a saddle. However, it won’t be as comfortable as riding the horse with a saddle for both – the rider and the horse. Therefore, one should always remember not to go riding with a horse’s bare back as it may enhance the issue of back pain, etc.
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