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PU Leather Vs. Faux Leather: Is there any difference?

PU Leather Vs Faux Leather

Often people have this misconception that if the leather is not genuine, it’s fake or artificial. However, many types of unoriginal leather can be a good alternative to real leather. Yes, it differs in quality and pricing of the product and is much more affordable than the original form of leather.

If you look closely enough, faux leather is a term that defines the alternative to original leather. There are many types of faux leather, including artificial leather, PVC leather and PU leather. If you don’t know, faux (French word) leather or fake leather is a proper imitation of real leather. However, it’s different from the original one!

Though it’s easy to disguise other types of leather as real leather, they are all different in the making. For example – vegan leather is that leather that’s not composed of any animal material in its making process.

What exactly is Faux Leather?

As already said above, faux leather or fake leather is an artificial material that can be used as a great alternative to real leather. There are many other names for faux leather, such as artificial or synthetic leather. Moreover, they are several uses for this alternative. They include – furniture, clothing, fashion accessories, etc.

In general terms, there’s no such difference between Faux leather and PU leather except that latter is a type of the former category. Moreover, there are many types of faux leather available in the market.

Is Faux Leather different from PU Leather?

While we have described the meaning of faux leather, there is a certainty that you may know about PU leather as well. Likewise, faux leather is the main category under which different types can be underlined. They are –

  • Polyurethane Leather (PU) – It is a form of faux leather that’s useful by coating fabric such as cotton, polyester or shredded leather. They are mixed with a flexible polymer, making them appear close to animal hide.
    Probably, it’s the only imitation that looks just like genuine leather. Similarly, the feel, the texture and the overall appearance are just as it is like real leather. Surprisingly, PU leather is not as expensive as real/genuine leather.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) leather – It is the form of faux leather that’s composed of two different synthetic materials. More so, it is that type of fabric that’s easy to clean and maintain without doing much work. However, because of the chemical formulation of the leather, it’s not very eco-friendly for the environment.
  • Silicone – In general terms, it’s the newest and most innovative process of coating the fabric and creating a type of faux leather out of it. Also, unlike PU and PVC leather, silicone leather is environment-friendly. All in all, the process of making silicone leather does not consume much energy.

Is Faux leather durable?

Now, as we know, PU leather is nothing but a form of faux leather, so it’s convenient to say they are both the same. However, using PU leather or faux leather products will not be of any use as they are not durable. More so, they may feel cheap, and the material is also very thin, which may degrade with time. The only good thing about them is they are available at affordable prices, and you can use them for a year or so.

On the other hand, comparing it with vegan leather, they may last for quite a long time. Also, if you are ready to pay high for vegan leather, the manufacturer may provide you with a high-quality product.

Can PU leather be vegan-friendly?

As we know, PU leather or faux leather does not involve any kind of animal hide in its making. Similarly, it does somehow falls under the category of vegan-friendly leather. Moreover, in some cases, the final product of faux leather is a formation using some part of real leather.

In short, there can be many instances where you may get PU leather coating on any material, whether cotton or real leather. Likewise, it may not be easy to figure out the difference in any product.


According to some sources, it’s clear that faux leather is vegan in nature. However, further research shows no truth in the above statement. Hence, as you purchase a product, ensure you know its process appropriately.

For your convenience, we have a lot of items from the category of PU leather and Faux leather. You can look them through in our “shop” section and purchase them online at affordable prices. Unlike other leather alternatives, PU leather and Faux leather are the same components. In simple terms, you can buy PU leather products that fall into the same category as faux leather.

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