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Returns and Refunds

We take every measure to provide our customers with the best experience. However, there can be times when it’s not easy to fulfil the requirements of each and every order that comes our way. Thus, there can be mishandling of articles, yet we are also here to provide you with reasonable solutions as well.  

Returns Policy

We accept returns or exchange orders within 2-3 days after the delivery except for products marked “no return or exchange”.

All “no returns or exchange” products are there with “this product is not eligible for return and exchange” in the product description of the respective page. We do not accept any exchange or return of such products under any circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

Customers are allowed to cancel an order before it is shipped. Once the order is shipped from our side, you cannot cancel it. 

We reserve the right to cancel an order from our site without any explanation. We ensure any kind of cancellation will be informed to customers, and any applicable refund will be there in a reasonable time.

Refund Policy 

If a customer is unsatisfied with the delivery, they can directly call our representative and ask for a refund. But before, make sure you are eligible for the process as it demands some requirements. 

You can read the following points to know exactly about the refund process –

  • The customer must report the issue with the product as early as possible; after receiving the parcel. 
  • The item that you have to initiate for the refund process must not be in its rightful condition. 
  • It’s important to share your parcel delivery-related details with the representative as they have to process it with the team. 
  • Our representative will take a few hours to confirm your order details and every relatable matter. 
  • Once it is clear that you are eligible to get the refund, the amount will reflect back into your bank account within 24 to 48 hours.


The payment process of our website is very simple. Once you select your desired products, you need to further fill in your personal details for delivery. You must select your payment option and proceed with order placement there. 

Now, as our payment process is currently offline, you do not have to make any payment through an online medium. As your order is successfully placed on the website, you will get a call from our representative about the re-confirmation. Thus, you can make the payment as they inform you about the payment options available. 

Coupons and Promo Code

Customers must redeem special coupons or promo codes within a limited period. The code will lose its validity once it passes the timeframe and may not be available later. Also, coupons or Promo Codes do not apply to all products on our website. 

Customers cannot club two offers using a promo code. We reserve the right to cancel any promotional code and the transaction that’s in use. 

Images & Representations of Products/Services

All images used on the website are the rightful indication represent the exact product that will be delivered to your address.
We recommend you to refer to the product description before making a purchase.

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