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Edgar Wright

Mind-blowing customer service

I ordered a high-leather quality saddle and bridle from this site but I wasn’t so sure it would be this good. Thanks to the team for handling the services so well. I want to recommend to people with good vision of quality leather saddle. Thanks

Edgar Wright Wyoming, USA

Amora Hopkins

Fast assessment and delivery!

Fast assessment and delivery! Very happy with the services of It’s clear that their team members are well versed with the products and its application. Would definitely buy again!

Amora Hopkins North Dakota, USA

Leilani Gutierrez

Highly professional staff and fast delivery

Usually brilliant services! Placed the order a week ago and got it delivered the next day. Just amazing! Superb quality and extremely professional customer service.

Leilani Gutierrez Alaska, USA

Leighton Johnson

Order placed easily via call

Ordered placed easily through call, but after ordering the delivery date wasn’t mentioned. So I called again and the representation who attended my call was so generous and polite. I would say horses saddle is selling quality products that also they have a good knowledge of retaining their customers.

Leighton Johnson North Carolina, USA

Nathan Lewis

Thanks for an amazing experience

Excellent quality products, speedy delivery, good communicating staff. Am just so pleased with the order that received in time for I was eagerly waiting for it and tested it the moment it came. My son is really happy with his new saddle and now he can do fun rides while being safe.

Nathan Lewis Iowa, USA

Matteo Hill

Excellent Quality Saddle

Parcel received in good condition and on time. The weight is also good, not that heavy for a western one. Also the quality of leather is excellent as it hasn’t caused any allergy yet. All in all, it’s a good buy.

Matteo Hill Alabama, USA

Journey Lewis

Reliable Equestrian Items!

HorsesSaddle has now become a go to online shop for me to buy my equestrian items. Me and my cousin have been into horse riding since 7 years but never have I ever come across such a reliable platform to buy products online. But now I know where I should visit to order items for my horse.

Journey Lewis Vermont, USA

Andrew Lambert

Best in Business

I must say, they are the best in business so far!!
Recently I have purchased an English saddle and a few more things and they delivered in the best possible condition. Even my horse is reacting good towards his new leather goods!

Andrew Lambert Maine, USA

Kyler Kelly

Ultimate Saddle Fitting

The saddle that I received is so perfectly fitted on my horse that am never going to order from other website. Also it looks pretty classic and just right according to my needs. Thanks a lot; will definitely purchase again in future from this website.

Kyler Kelly California

Catalina Watkins

Received harness well-packed

Recently placed order for harness from this site. The order was delivered quickly within 2 days and in well-packed condition. Will surely suggest this site to anyone looking to buy good products online. Thanks

Catalina Watkins West Virginia, USA

Sebastian Barrett

Best Bridle purchased online

One of the best bridles that I ever purchased in my last 4 years of horse riding. I usually look through so many sites and many times also ordered a few products but they weren’t actually the same. But at I was amazed to see such quality bridle at such a good price. Am so relieved now, thanks again for the affordable service.

Sebastian Barrett Mississippi, USA

Carson Ruiz

Very nice Horse Riding products

Though I have only bought a harness from here but looking at the material I can definitely say they are selling good pieces. I have been through the site and everything looks amazing. However, I wish there should be more leather goods for horse. Lately, the customer representative I talked to seemed really genuine in placing the order. Such a good experience; am happy that good services are still available in the market. Thanks

Carson Ruiz Montana, USA

Frank Brown

Great items for gifting

I was looking to gift something to my granddaughter who has recently started practicing horse riding. So I came to know about this website and trust me as I say this – she absolutely loved the saddle I gifted her. Thank you so much for understand our needs. We are pleased to receive the saddle.

Frank Brown Arkansas, USA

Conor Wilson

Your staff helped me!

Such a delightful experience it was. Your staff person helped me a lot, thanks to him for taking my query so willingly. I really like your products, will recommend to others also to purchase the site. The site is also very nice as it gives a more pronounced look.

Conor Wilson South Dakota, USA

Lennon Simpson

Years of Satisfaction!!

I have been using western saddle for years now and they are good for my horse without a doubt. So, I ordered one from and they are equally good. I have been using it since a month and they are fitted just quite well. Though the packing could have been better but elsewise it’s a good saddle.

Lennon Simpson Kentucky, USA

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