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Saddles for Women

Saddles for Women

Though it’s possible to use the best horse saddle based on the rider’s demand, there can be different categories accordingly. In a similar manner, there are many women riders who consider buying a saddle that’s comfortable in the seating area. Thus, you may come across many tack shops with a separate section of Saddles for women.

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Why are there Saddles for Women?

It’s easy to say that male and female body structures are quite different from one another. But is there any need to use a different type of saddle for women? Now, this one is a particular question that most may think about.

The traditional making and presentation of saddles have been accustomed to the men’s outlook. In the early time, when women used to wear gowns and skirts, it wasn’t possible for them to sit across the saddles. So, in order to make them free from such issues, side saddles came into existence. However, they were not very feasible as they didn’t give the women the full command as it was for men in every riding discipline.

While considering the various options to buy among the variety of saddles, it’s definite to choose the saddle as per your riding discipline. It doesn’t matter if you prefer an English or Western saddle; make sure it fulfills the requirement.

Difference of Features in Women Saddles

It’s easy to tell that a woman’s posture sitting is different from that of men. There are specific areas of a woman’s body that are slightly curved or bent. Furthermore, you can read in the following comparison that distinguishes saddles for women from the others. Here they are –

  • Seat Width: The first thing to measure is the seat width on which the person needs to be seated. It’s seen that the bones of a woman’s body seating place slightly differ from than of a man. Thus, when it comes to seat width, you need to take the accurate size.
  • Pommel: For a female body, it’s likely said that the pommel of the saddle should have a slope that isn’t abrupt. Likewise, providing them with a better posture during the horseback ride is necessary.

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  • Flap: The flaps of the saddle should be longer and more angular. Also, they cover less space between the rider and the horse. It allows the rider to see areas where it’s more appropriately covered.
  • Stirrup bars: Generally, there’s no structural difference between a female and male part of stirrups bars in a saddle. Furthermore, it depends upon the rider’s weight as to how much thickness of the stirrups bar can be inserted for a proper and smooth ride.
  • Crotch Padding: Now, this is the main element that defines saddle seating for women. They have a narrow crotch area in comparison with the men. That’s why the front area of the saddle seat is fill with foam to allow them greater comfort during the horse ride.

Buying Saddles for Women

If you think a women’s saddle is specific for women and can’t be use by a man, then it’s not true. There’s some unusual comparison between saddles for women and men. However, they can undoubtedly use any saddle that provides them with better comfort, support, and stability and fulfills their riding criteria.

Now, as you read more about saddles for women, you’ll get an idea that they are slightly more preferable than the usual types of a horse saddles. But do we know what makes up-to-end placing an order for one?

Here are a few points that you can read –

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  • Saddles for women are generally very comfortable in certain areas that allow the rider and the horse to stay stable.
  • Secondly, the weight of these saddles will likely be more suitable for the horse as they are lightweight.
  • Most of the concerns that arise with the use of Saddles for women will exclude as you purchase the right one.
  • It’s easier to carry a lightweight women-oriented saddle as they are typically helpful per their size and body shape.


As you look forward to buying a women’s saddle, know that they are all suitable for definite factors. But, it’s also important to understand that some parts of the saddle will only be accustom and not all. Likewise, the stirrups and horns of the saddle will desirably depend upon what the rider is up to in the riding discipline. Hence, you can take recommendations before selecting the saddle for horseback riding.

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