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Buy Top 7 Lightweight Saddles Online

Lightweight Saddles

Are you in a hurry to buy the best lightweight saddles but have no clue about its types? Don’t worry; we have them covered for you! Most people who are new to the use of horse saddles cannot make the right choice. More so, it would help if you saw a few of them before purchasing them online.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a lightweight Western saddle or an English one. Furthermore, we’ll have a detailed discussion on the various saddle styles that you can select depending upon your requirement. Here, we have listed some of the best lightweight saddles that you can go through. More so, they will keep you and your horse comfortable for longer miles.

Benefits of Lightweight Saddles

When choosing a lightweight saddle, you are allowed to sit in close contact with the horse for better communication. Needless to say, riders who are looking forward to performing in racing and similar activities can opt for a lightweight saddle.

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The most important reason for choosing a lightweight saddle is that it does not put too much pressure on the horse’s back. In the long run, using a lightweight saddle will be safer for horses with sensitive backs. The most common types of lightweight saddles include – trail saddles, endurance saddles, and barrel racing saddles. Likewise, a lightweight saddle will keep the horse comfortable for longer rides.

What to look for while Choosing a Lightweight Saddle?

While looking for the best lightweight saddle, it’s a must to be sure about your horse riding discipline. Likewise, there are specific points that you must consider before buying a lightweight saddle. Here are a few things that you may look through –

  • Always consider beforehand the type of riding you’ll be performing with the saddle.
  • Let’s say you want a saddle for endurance riding. Furthermore, your only options will be – endurance saddle or trail saddle as they both work the same.
  • If you are planning more activity like jumping, you can go for a lightweight jumping saddle.
  • While looking for a lightweight saddle, some people forget to look for its quality in order to stay stable on the seat.

We know lightweight saddles can be good, but it’s a must to always consider the quality as well. The most obvious reason to choose a lightweight saddle is the horse’s comfort. On the other hand, it’s also feasible for the rider as it prevents chaffing and other problems.

1. Synthetic Saddle:

Synthetic Saddle

Various types of synthetic saddles are harnessing power and practicality at their high. Most of these saddles are lightweight, high-quality material and usually get along with Western, English, and Australian saddle styles. More so, the key feature includes a huge seat jacket that provides comfort for free movement.

2. Western Trail Saddle:

Western Trail Saddle

While taking the reference of the most comfortable fit trail saddle, you can count on the lightweight western saddle. They offer a high cantle, easy seating, multiple saddle strings and a D-ring for extra features. Likewise, the seats are highly comfortable with teardrop fenders and under leg easy stirrup.

3. Australian Saddle:

Australian SaddleThe making of the Australian saddle is such that it provides total security to the rider. The seats are deep, and kneepads offer great comfort to long route riders. More so, they are more prominent for a rider going the hill. Along with the other features of lightweight Australian saddles, they provide proper guidance against slippage.

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4. Endurance Saddle:

Endurance SaddleThese are the most popular style of saddles that are particularly customized as per the rider’s demand. They are easily adjustable, and their wedges are tailored according to your horse’s shape. The lightweight endurance saddle comes with English rigging and wide stirrups that are secure.

5. Flexible Tree Saddle:

Flexible Tree Saddle

While keeping your horse’s comfort level in mind, you can go for a flexible tree saddle. They are the most comforting and reliable saddle styles that one may select among several others. In addition, they are designed and customizable according to the wide range of horses.

6. Jumping Saddle:

Jumping SaddleThose who are regularly into sports form of horse racing need to buy jumping saddles as essential equipment. They are specially designed to provide maximum support while jumping or other tasks. More so, they are flatter in appearance in comparison with the trail and endurance saddle designs. A jumping saddle typically has long stirrups that keep your feet in place while landing.

7. Cutting Saddle:

Cutting SaddleAs the name suggests, these types of saddles are popular when you participate in cutting events. It is ideally designed to provide balance and gives a clear way to your riding partner. Moreover, sometimes you may also use it for reining and training.

How to care for your lightweight horse saddle?

As you purchase the perfect lightweight horse saddle according to the requirement, make sure you keep it in good condition as well. It is not only necessary for cleanliness purposes, but it will also provide longer life to your saddle. More so, you can continue using it for several years.

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The first thing you need to do after the purchase is to take it home and remove all the extra stitching and gullet from underneath. It’s a necessary step that gives proper support to the horse’s spine and does not irritate the saddle. Make sure you keep it clean and always remove the sweat and dirt as soon as you get off the seat. Though it’s necessary to clean your saddle from time to time but make sure you avoid cleaners that contain ammonia. Lastly, make sure your saddle is dry before keeping it inside the closet.

How can I buy Lightweight Saddle online?

Most popularly, people start looking for a lightweight horse saddle as they begin practicing horse riding. Some people still prefer to buy such horse riding equipment from a tack store rather than from an online website. Well, it’s preferably their choice, but in our opinion, when you purchase a product online, you are always paying less price.

Several options are available if you want to buy lightweight saddles online. More importantly, if you are looking at a genuine website, you will always get quality options at reasonable prices. You may also buy a saddle from our site, as numerous options are available.


It is not compulsory, but a lightweight saddle will make the rider sit closer to the animal. More so, it plays a key role in better communication with the horse. In addition, using a lightweight saddle will put less pressure on the horse’s back.

Most people likely choose for lightweight trail saddle for racing and competitive endurance. Thus, if you are ready with your final saddle choice, you can surely purchase them from us. Here at, you can buy the best lightweight western trail saddles and other categories as per your requirement.

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