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Types of Saddle

Types of Saddle

The horse riding world is filled with different types of saddles depending upon – discipline and riding style. A rider may be comfortable in one particular kind of saddle, but the other may require a different one. Necessarily, it’s all about what activity you are going to perform with your horse.

If you are looking to buy a saddle online, first be sure about your requirement. Likewise, consider the type of riding style you will be participating in with your saddle. Let’s say you require a saddle for roping, ranching, or simply trail riding. Thus, it’s essential to choose the one that’s specific to your needs.

What is a Horse Saddle?

First, the structure of a horse saddle is aimed to support the horse and the rider. Different parts of a saddle combines well to provide that support. In short, the saddle makes it easy for the rider and horse to stay comfortable during the ride.

The usage of a horse saddle is necessary as it distributes the rider’s weight evenly on the horse’s back. Likewise, it allows the horse to move freely without feeling the pressure at one center. Some people also agree with the idea that saddles aren’t needed for horseback riding. However, as per reports, riding a horse bareback can cause serious issues in the long run.

Major Categories of Saddle

It’s not rocket science to have in-depth knowledge of horse saddles, yet some people are highly taking interested in its classes and relatable information. Similarly, two types of saddle are primarily available for riders – English Saddles and Western Saddles. Though there can be many differences between them, alongside, each of them differs in shape, size, and riding disciplines.

  1. English Saddle: Many people think that an English Saddle is only popular in European countries. However, that’s not so anymore, as you can commonly see English saddles used in the Olympics and other games. Also, you can choose from various English saddles available for different riding styles. They include – show jumping, hunt seats, horse racing, dressage, and saddle seat.
  2. Western Saddle: The invention of Western saddles was clearly to use horses in cattle ranching areas. It is basically stated in the countryside areas of the United States. Moreover, today these saddles are highly popular as they provide more comfort for various horse riding activities.

In short, the horn is the central feature that helps distinguish the two classes of the saddle. Furthermore, every Western saddle has a horn placed right at the front. However, that can be missing from an English one.

Types of English Saddle

  • General Purpose Saddle: These are highly popular among horse riders, for they can be used for almost every riding discipline. Accordingly, a general-purpose saddle allows the rider to change stirrups length as per their riding discipline. These saddles are more suitable for first riders and low-level equestrian sports.
  • Dressage Saddle: A close-contact English saddle allows the rider to fit in a deep seat with a high pommel and cantle. The other recognizable features of this saddle include – long and straight flaps and large knee rolls. Each of these helps to allow the rider to stay in close contact with the horse during the ride.
  • Jumping Saddle: By the name itself, these saddles are helpful for those who take part in hurdle races or similar activities. The flat seat of the saddle allows the rider to not sit too deeply during the jumps. More so, it will be convenient for the rider and the horse to stay in the right place.
  • Racing Saddle: Now, this saddle has specific features that manage the weight of the rider. Accordingly, they are also lightweight, for there are some limitations when you take part in racing events. The prominent features of the saddle include – a flat and long seat that is usually smaller in size.
  • Endurance Saddle: If you are pretty familiar with all types of English saddles, you must know that Endurance saddles are the most favorite ones. They have a broad and padded seats with a short panel design. Henceforth, it allows the rider to sit back during the endurance racing discipline.

Types of Western Saddle

  • Ranch Saddle: These are the most versatile type of Western saddles that are useful for working with cattle ranching. The seats are quite heavy, deep, and perfect for allowing comfort while working in the field.
  • Pleasure Saddle: As the name suggests, they are more for proving comfort rather than actually functioning. Likewise, the stirrups are pretty wide to apply for the great support at the base. In addition, they are also available by the name of train saddle in the market.
  • Barrel Racing Saddle: These are specifically designed for barrel racing and other rodeo events. The common thing about this type of saddle is that they are highly strong and provide a good grip during the show.
  • Reining Saddle: Similar to a barrel racing saddle, reining saddles are also useful for rodeo events. They are structure well and provide maximum grip and balance during horseback riding.
  • Roping Saddle: If you are looking to buy a saddle that has a high horn to adjust your reins and rope, then a roping saddle is the best option. Alongside, you can use it for – grazing cattle, loading cattle, and other similar tasks.

Bottom Line

The most important thing before choosing a saddle is to plan the activity you will perform with it. Well, we hope that through our saddle mentioned above classes, it would have become easier for you to make a choice. If not, you can always consider taking help from an expert or a saddler.

Also, if you want to buy a saddle online, you can always refer to our website. We have a variety of collections available, and you can purchase them at affordable prices.

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