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Wool vs Foam Flocking: What’s best for the Saddles?

Wool vs Foam Flocking

We may be looking at different aspects of a saddle while purchasing it for the horse. But do we know what’s inside that saddle that makes it so comfortable to sit on? No matter what saddle category you go for, every saddle comes stuffed with foam or wool. Some riders can be very particular about what goes inside their saddle.

Both wool and foam are desirable for stuffing inside a horse saddle. However, they both come with pros and cons of their own. Now, it depends upon you what you are willing to choose to get the best comfort for your horse riding routine.

Wool Flocked Saddles

If you look at a saddle with woollen stuffed inside, you’ll notice that the leather panels are a little on edge. Usually, the maker of the saddle will stuff the wool in those areas that need an ample amount of cushioning.

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A woollen flocked saddle should be high quality so that the texture on the outside should remain smooth. With time, your woollen stuffed saddle will take the shape of the horse on which it’s aligned. Likewise, if they tend to lose their shape, you need to re-stuff them after taking them to an expert or saddler.

Foam Flocked Saddles

Now, the saddles with foam stuffed inside are the latest development in the horse saddles category. The reason for developing such innovations was to know how to increase the durability of the saddle. The best thing about stuffing saddles with foam is that they do not take the horse’s shape after use.

Likewise, if you are using the saddle on the horse, you just press it with weight, and it will take shape. For example, as you sit on the horse, it will take shape, but as you put it aside from the horse, it will be back to its original form.

Pros & Cons of Wool Saddles

Pros of using Wool Stuffed Saddles Cons of using Wool Stuffed Saddles
1. They are highly comfortable for both – the horse and the rider. You have to maintain these saddles from time to time. Also, riding an ill-fitted saddle will be worse in the long run.
2. It’s highly breathable and allows the horse to stay calm even in tough conditions. Wool saddles can be on the heavier side in comparison with foam saddles.
3. The material is renewable and also better for the environment. If someone is looking for light saddles, then taking a wool saddle is not an option.
4. You can re-fill the saddle without giving it to expensive saddlers. They do not stay the same for a long time. You must replace them after every few years.

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Pros & Cons of Foam Saddles

Pros of using Foam Stuffed Saddles Cons of using Foam Stuffed Saddles
1. They are lightweight and looks less bulky in appearance. To make them fit well, you’ll need custom pads on a daily basis.
2. These types of saddles can be interchangeable between horse as they do not get into the shape of a horse’s back. As the foam saddles don’t hold in place, it can be problematic for asymmetrical horses.
3. It provides a better fit to horse with wide or narrow wither area. It’s also a suitable match for horses with flat back. It needs special help to change the foam of a saddle. Likewise, it can be expensive on various aspects.
4. If anyone is looking to buy these saddles, know that they are more on the affordable side. You cannot continue using the same foam saddle for long as it tends to get hard.

When does a Saddle need adjustment?

It’s always better to look for new adjustments when it’s time. However, many people do not know when they need to make a change in their already existing saddle. Thus, you can follow these simple steps –

  • You must get a fitting check for your horse’s saddle every six to twelve months. It’s better to go for an experienced saddler fitter as they know what needs to be done.
  • You can also go for a saddler as they help to let you identify the changes your saddle requires.
  • Look for signs of discomfort in your horse when you slide the saddle on its back. If the reactions are not good as you ride with the saddle on, it means there are some issues.


Most horse riders are unaware of the saddle fitting that goes under the surface. That’s why it’s not easier for them to tell the difference between wool and foam flocking. However, with the information mentioned above, it will be easier for you to make the choice of saddle. Hence, there are many options available on our shop menu. You just have to go through the numerous options and select the one as per your requirement.

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